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Vladimir Putin recently came out with a proposal to "conduct a comprehensive analysis of the effectiveness of budget expenditures by independent experts." The idea is brilliant. It is with the supply of independent experts in our possession were documents (see below, after the text), which make it easy to evaluate the cost effectiveness of investments in the Russian aviation industry. And there is a reason for this: the airline "Yakutia" delayed the start of regular service on the Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ) from Yakutsk to Khabarovsk. Because of the frost. In Yakutia, in the winter, it turns out, happen cold! The carrier has decided not to risk it and sent the passengers standby "Boeing-737-700." The question arises: why do all the means to fork out 10 years of aviation industry in the plane, which now can not fly our airlines?


Throughout January news agencies right revel in the news that some of the Japanese and U.S. airlines suspended flights "Dreamliner" — the latest "Boeing-787" — because of the frequent failures. They say they have a new aircraft is also a problem! Right. But there are not ashamed to admit it. And we?

After the embarrassment of SSJ in Yakutia in early January with him several more consecutive PP: 18 January in the "Sheremetyevo" on the flight Moscow — Nizhny Novgorod night after take-off is not tidied up the nose landing gear. January 22 similar situation occurred on the flight Kharkov — Moscow. So what? Someone has suspended flights? Moreover, according to the expert, "MK", "Yakutia" is also delayed flight SSJ-100 is not due to frost:

— Board number 95019 they were delivered with a guarantee of operation at -53?, And on the day of the first flight was -52?, So frustrating it is not associated with a cold, but with another failure. In the cockpit oxygen did not: have filled balloon, but the oxygen bleed off — valve does not provide leak. Reserve was not there. In addition, during the inspection revealed leakage of hydraulic nose wheel — at run it might have been. Therefore, SSJ was sent back to the factory in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

But we were promised that imported components — SSJ has them at 80% — will provide him a high quality. Where is it? That's what they say about the documents available to the "MK" (see website "MK"). At the meeting with the Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturova of 18.06.2012, on the question "On the quality supplied to airlines SSJ-100 aircraft," said, "the main issue of concern and the results of one year of operation of aircraft SSJ-95B are: poor build quality and constructively -manufacturing flaws, shortcomings of operational documentation, not regulated system of after-sales support, spare parts logistics, the level of safety (the last point is particularly alarming. — Ed.) ".

We read further: in the year of operation SSJ "were identified and eliminated 1088 faults (of which 533 were detected in the air, 555 were found on the ground, CJSC" Sukhoi Civil Aircraft "brought 246 reclamations (GSS -" Sukhoi Civil Aircraft "- the founder of SSJ. — Ed.). "This is despite the fact that at the SSJ" average plaque for 12 months 3.87 an hour, (for comparison, the A-319 — 10.48 hours). "

Please comment on the document known aviation expert:

— If the plane has just entered service, the initial statistics it in any way worse than the machine that runs 10-15 years. But in the case of the SSJ has reason to say nothing of the good or bad it is designed. Today, the safety factor SSJ below the minimum level accepted in the airline carrier.

— I do not like the fact that almost half of the failures in SSJ detected in flight.

— Right. When a fault is detected on the ground — not bad, so well worked ground services. But when in flight — in aviation, this is the worst.

— On aviaforumah SSJ is usually compared to its competitor — the Russian-Ukrainian "AN-148".

— "AN-148" started to fly before SSJ, so now all his figures are much better. And the most important criterion: whether there is progress in the operation or not. According to "An-148" achieved a fantastic performance! Plaque "AN-148" (for an airline is a key indicator of determining the economic value of the aircraft) for some months — 400 hours, while the average in the park — 300. Bombardier Q400 in the "Augsburg airline" flying 400 hours per month. That is the carrier to "148-100V" reached the European level, and the operator on the SSJ-100 — no. According to the first half of 2012, the maximum month raid SSJ-100 — 240 hours, while the average in the park — about 150. In May 2012 at the park of six "148-100V" performed 943 found, and eight SSJ-100 — 586 flights. However, we never tire of telling about the current "10-15% strength advantage SSJ-100 over its closest competitors."

And this is what the specialist commercial airline service, the operator SSJ-100: "It's a shame that the Boeing 737-500 on a flight Moscow — St. Petersburg spends 2700-2800 kg against 2600 kg of kerosene from SSJ-100. That is the newest SSJ-100 guzzles as much as twenty years and "Boeing", which has a 13 ton higher maximum takeoff weight. Moreover, filled weight SSJ-100 — 45 880 kg, and the Boeing 737-500 — 59 000 kg. This is not just a failure — it's a disaster! "

No, thank you

The project is called the SSJ-100 breakthrough on foreign aviation market. The first foreign (!) Buyer plane was Armenian airline "Armavia". She exploited him from April 2011 to October 2012. It flies off Flight 932 (2298 hours), "Armavia" returned the aircraft manufacturer with a very unflattering assessments by refusing to buy the next one. (The main Russian carrier also tried in the court to declare the claim GSS, but he was forced to shut up.)

The theme of "Armavia" and SSJ in August 2012 was considered at a meeting at the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev (a copy of the protocol on, where the aircraft return to Armenia instructed to do Denis Manturov — Minister of Industry — and the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov. Medvedev assignment has been completed.

— In part, — says the expert "MK". — GSS managed to find a "Armavia" compromise. From Russia to Armenia plane flew on October 4 and October 24 finished up and went back in Zhukovsky near Moscow. Already without fanfare. There he stands, not flying. And if you go to the website of "Armavia", the list of aircraft type such as SSJ, you will not find. But there came another — "Yak-42". This is the question that the Armenians are supposedly opposed to the Russian equipment. No. They are willing to take even the Soviet, if it is beneficial and safe. "Yak-42" (they have it in VIP-version) 70 years of the twentieth century meets these criteria, and the newest SSJ-100 they try and say thank you, do not.

Another state that is often mentioned in connection with the SSJ-100, — Indonesia, where on May 9 last year, it took a disaster.

— The main question that was not answered investigation — said the expert, "MK" — why the crew turned off the warning system impact with the ground? Do not believe the testimony of the device? So had a point. It turns out: the aircraft ran best crew that lifted him on the wing, and that he did not believe the device

— Troubled and had a history with the parametric recorder — continues to another expert. — Immediately after decoding talks crew we were told that all the SSJ system worked fine, but in case of a collision with a mountain of this record at all to not do anything. There needs parametric recorder, which the Russians did not look for some reason and left. Later, he found the Indonesians.

— For them it was a real godsend! Bargaining with the Russian side could immediately go in detail. How else to explain that the conclusion was written six months? And soon after it was our agreement VEB and the Ministry of Finance of Indonesia signed an agreement to provide Jakarta export credit of $ 399.5 million for the period of 7 years to finance a contract with the "Rosoboronexport" on the delivery of a combat aircraft. The fact that this technique of "dry", no one no doubt.

— In contrast to the report. According to it, it is clear that the Indonesian experts too listened to the people of the company "Sukhoi". For example, in the conclusion always write: aircraft such and such a weight on board was so much fuel. And then the weight SSJ specified, but no fuel weight. Said only that it was on the 4:00 flight. This is obviously done with the filing of the manufacturer, as the GSS did not want to publicize the data, compromising the plane to all sorts of experts there could not present calculations showing that civilian vehicles they do not know how.

— But know how the military. They and SSJ was a military approach. Even energetically promoting it as a fighter. Say, can fly almost auto-rounding areas, although the car with passengers on board do not do that.

— The aircraft — civilian, CB — military as they could, and did. When you create a method of combat vehicles they had this: first built one or two prototypes, and then mounting a series of 6-12 machines that were not increased exploitation in combat, but in special parts of the Air Force. There were testing, debugging, boiled down the list of comments, they are eliminated … Only the 15th aircraft to achieve an acceptable result. SSJ on the same pattern — a kind of know-how for the civil aviation industry. The first 13 boards actually experimental. But the Air Force, they were taken to test, and then carry passengers — should be there for someone to train.

 Who stole the regional SSJ?

The fact that the SSJ project was "training", confirms the protocol has already been said meeting with Dmitry Medvedev. In paragraph 13 it says: "to prepare proposals for the preferred projects creating aircraft for regional and local air transportation and the measures of state support for these projects."

Again? But SSJ claimed it as a regional jet? Now it does not count?

— That's right — confirms expert "MK" — when in the 90 components of the program long-term development of the Russian aviation industry, priority 100-seat aircraft it was "Tu-334" and the SSJ (then RRJ — Russian Regional Jet) progressed as 50-seater. He later rose to 60, then to 75 seats, and began to talk about it: a large regional. Then he made a 95-seater (now 98), finally bringing to the trunk liner.

Initially, he went to the increase due to design errors. Realizing that the calculations for the 50-60-75-seat aircraft, listed in the government were wrong, the creators were faced with a choice: either to close the project and begin a new one, or to try to fix what is naproektirovali. Chose the latter. In such cases, the plane always rising upward as add to the aircraft structure kilogram simpler than remove.

In addition, they promised that SSJ will be very profitable to operate. But in proportion as he was getting out of a paper iron, have begun to understand that their car is in the small dimension will not be able to give not that good, but even a reasonable return on investment. For example, the avionics suite, which is "dry" asked the French Thales, was very expensive for the 50-60-seat aircraft. And SSJ was spread by leaps and bounds, because the economy dimension reads more aircraft, the better it pays off.

The result was a car that our country was not necessary. She tried to move to the West. Putin himself in 2010 in Sochi on board SSJ offered its premier Berlusconi. But even he could not bring Alitalia take from Russian SSJ.

And after the 10-year torment and spent billions of issue of regional aircraft is again. Who now will be to build it? Surely the most experienced — all the same. For the same money. And with the same "efficiency."

Credit Trainspotting

Where do I get and how to spend the money makers of our aircraft — it clearly shows the RF Prosecutor General's report on the verification of the state program "Development of Russian civil aviation for 2002-2010 and for the period up to 2015" (see website "MK"). Summarize the public finance figures out there, we get about 90 billion rubles — the state support the aviation industry over the years.

And what kind of planes they built? Yes no. The money is de facto spent on SSJ, although initially it was only about 50 million rubles. The exact cost of it so far no one knows, because funds were allocated for various items. But experts believe that the $ 7 billion — the amount of the very real and most of them — $ 5.4 billion — is state funds.

Compare them with the cost of the West on similar aircraft. Thus, the development of the Brazilian company Embraer family of "E-series" (E170/175, E190/195) cost $ 1 billion Canadian Bombardier — models based on CRJ700 — and even less: CRJ900 — $ 160 million, and CRJ1000 — at $ 300 million . Thus at "E-series" from the beginning of the work before the first flight was less than three years, CRJ700 — 4 years, and have SSJ-100 — more than 7 years. By 2012, Embraer has delivered 802 aircraft, Bombardier — 280, and SCA — 6. (!) By January 2013th they sold 13 pieces: 10 — Russia's main carrier (instead of 30), and one — "Moscow", "Yakutia" and "PT Sky Aviation".

Brazilian and Canadian aircraft have long justified the invested money and make a profit, since their return comes after 200 pieces. In special cases — after 400-500. SSJ-100 — a special case. In the square. He continues to require investment. And the government. Private banks do not give money, they say, first return the ones that have taken. Therefore, government support SSJ all the more like blackmail state.

Manufacturer requires Give money, or go bankrupt — and apart from the prestige you permanently lose all the billions that have already invested in the project. Hoping to return something, the government pays more and more sitting down on credit needle: Kremlin-controlled banks under the state guarantees allocate producer credits, and if he is unable to pay (and he can not), they pay the state.

Now, according to experts, debts SSJ around $ 2 billion, but recently (11.01.2013) Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on the provision of JSC "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" another state guarantees for credit lines VEB for $ 1 billion on them, the company must establish mass production SSJ-100.

Former billion it was not enough. Is not enough for these.

From two to five

Financial investments need to somehow justify. That is why we constantly hear about the rapid growth of buyers SSJ-100. In September last year, Mikhail Pogosyan, head of UAC — the godfather of SSJ-100 — reported that its total portfolio of orders is estimated at 800 aircraft, and has contracts for 150-170 cars.

However, these orders have a property to evaporate. Maybe that's why, as a source told the "MK" in the defense industry, a party of 40 SSJ recently been pushed to the Russian Air Force — what would sure
ly, this is something not wriggle!

But they otvertelis. Too bad, that would have laughed: sell Army planes on which the generals could only fly to Europe, as for military airfields they absolutely do not fit.

And then there was, unfortunately, Putin came out with an initiative to test the effectiveness of budget expenditures. After that, the State Duma received a draft of the new law, which offers legally define "inefficient use of budget funds", including that of "failure to achieve the desired results or exceeding the amount of budgetary funds allocated by the goszadaniya or long-term target state program." The punishment will depend on the extent of damage to the state. For "exceptionally large" size officials want to punish forced labor of up to 2 years and a prison term of up to 5 years.

So it is all about them — "Effective Managers" SSJ-100!

Today, their "efficiency" is still infallible, and they can always prove that the guilty ones who tightened the screws, rivets hammered, built and tested planes … Plane crash in Indonesia? Blame the pilots. A lot of damage? "The poor build quality" (see website "MK"). And Mr. Pogosyan — author of the project, as it is in the song: higher and higher and higher soars through the ranks.

While doing SSJ-100, has had time to grow to the head of the CB head KLA. Now that's protection. The project was SSJ because a mass of bugs! Michael Aslanovich corrected them, analyzed, conducted scientific work and became an academician — a respected man …

And who, I'm sorry, Al asked … all these $ 7 billion? Who banal economic misjudgment closed political PR, drove unsolvable problem in the scope?

No, academics could not do this! It's all there designers and workers: those that rush to the Polikarpov, 23, scribbled drawings are at the slipway in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, getting a penny, as their plane is not for sale. This Rybinsk dvigatelisty, who collected the motor so that it is said three times already arisen surging. It is the French, the food Volga mosquitoes and freezing in Yakutsk, preparing flights SSJ … In short, all those who are seeking a way out, struggling with problems, improves SSJ, still believing in its future — and how to work without faith?

Is it just enough for one to fix it, what you've done, "effective management"?

And with the same enthusiasm they argue that in addition to Indonesia SSJ-100 buy Italy, Laos, Mexico … Although I personally torturing another question: why was not he buys Vladimir Putin, who personally oversaw this project? Bought it for the presidential squadron and flew around the world, demonstrating the reliability and security of Russian aircraft. But instead, in December 2011, the Office of the President of the Russian Federation signed a contract for the supply of two "148-100s." Why? It is safer. And on the SSJ-100 goes, we'll fly to somehow justify "the efficiency of investment" in his budget expenditures.

Suspended operation SSJ 100

While the number was imposed, it was revealed that the SSJ 100 was another fault — failure to clean the chassis on the flight Donetsk-Moscow. After that, the leaders of the flight and engineering services of the Russian carrier stopped operation SSJ 100. Simultaneously, the European Aviation Safety Agency — EASA — stopped the power of attorney to sign the documents airworthiness French firm "Messier Dowty" — chassis supplier for the SSJ 100 — and sent to the Russian commission to investigate the causes of failures.

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