Aircraft giant Ruslan nobody needed

Aircraft giant "Ruslan" Nobody needs

As reported by "Izvestia", referring to the statement by Sergei Ivanov (Deputy Prime Minister), the resumption of production cyclopean vehicle production aircraft, the An-124 "Ruslan", estimated at least 20 billion rubles. But that it came out, you need to first perform a certain number of criteria.

To begin with, you should get order Lock and more than 60 aircraft, it will help recoup the costs. But at the moment such order has been received, and the means to deploy and referred to the establishment of committed silly. By the way the estimated price of each avia is about 300 million dollars, and therefore the range of possible customers is much narrower.

According to Ivanov disk imaging, the company "Volga-Dnepr", recently expressed its intention to purchase up to 20 aircraft, about 20 military transport modernized An-124 wishes to purchase, and the Defense Ministry, and also in the past year, 20 new cars "Ruslan", and wished to purchase airline Voronezh "Flight".

And based on the explanation of Oleg Panteleev (Editor branch agency "AviaPort"), orders airlines will not be able to sufficiently reduce the cost of aircraft. By the way in the global market, there is only one theoretical client of these planes — it is the United States of America.

Source of UAC (United Aircraft Company) commented: "In addition, the properties of aircraft for military and civilian customers, have significant differences, and the means to carry out orders in both cases, will need to be 2 different aircraft that is completely of course, affect the very their ultimate cost. "

Still there is one discrepancy in this matter, namely: the normalization of relations with Ukraine. In other words, the aforementioned country that proclaims itself as the successor to the author's rights to all design documentation plane "Ruslan". From the decision to be taken in the coming depends establishing royalties. Also useful for many years to translate design information from cardboard sheets for electric vehicles.
AN-124 "Ruslan"

NATO uses it for other codification — «Condor» («Condor"). This Russian Russian-Ukrainian transport plane, which is considered the standard transport naikrupneyshey avia on duty in the world. It is developed in OKB. Antonova, to deliver troops with weapons and military equipment from the standard rear to the front, and also for transportation to any destination in the world, large-sized cargoes.

It is clear that the December 26, 1982, took place the first flight of the prototype. In 1985, this machine for the first time was represented at the air show in Paris. In 1986 (the beginning of) operation of the aircraft began to "Aeroflot". For the most part of the ship worked in Siberia in routing, transporting huge loads especially used for industrial development of oil and gas. It was only in 1987, the car began to enter the service of the Air Force transport aircraft.

It should be noted that the plane An-124 "Ruslan", in 1985, set a world record at number 21, on duty (height — 10,750 m, weight — 171 219 kg), and in 1987, May 6, set a world record for flight distance in a closed route (distance 20 150, 92 km).

In the middle of the 1990s, was stopped creating all aircraft "Ruslan" in Russia. Only 10 December 2009, Dmitry Medvedev (Russian President) gave the government order, make to the program from the municipal purchase of weapons for the Russian Air Force, 20 units An-124, for the period up to 2020. In addition to 2015, 22 units An-124 BTA Defense Ministry, will be upgraded. This upgrade contains an update of the wing and fuselage, the substitution of navigation systems, avionics, airborne units of the chassis, and also increase capacity.

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