Airplanes Dry for the period up to 2020 will be the basis of Russian Air Force

Airplanes "Dry" for the period up to 2020 will be the basis of Russian Air Force

Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST) conducted a study of the market of combat aircraft of. Its experts believe that the development machine company "Sukhoi", of which the park is now the Russian Air Force tactical aircraft consists of about two-thirds, as a result of the current programs from the arms for the period up to 2020 will be the basis for Russian Air Force.

At the current time, aircraft, developed in the "Sukhoi", make up more than 40 percent of the Russian Air Force fighter fleet. Of the approximately 650 units of fighter aircraft 260 has the Su-27, including 12 Su-27SM3 new production units and almost 48 Su-27SM in the Far East, which were modernized avionics and were able to perform tasks on ground targets, and so referred to as "glass" cockpit. In addition, the Air Force also received in recent years, 4 double Su-30M2 and 4, the latest function of the Su-35s.
As for the impact and attack aircraft, its entire fleet is currently being only of the machines "Dry". It is about 200 Su-25, about the same number of Sukhoi Su-24 and Su-16, the newest 34, who began to enter the army as part of the contract in 2008 for the purchase of 32 air force bombers.

So Makar, now jets "Su" make up about 65 percent of the park tactical combat aircraft of.

As part of the State applets arms GPV-2020 Russian Air Force also cater for the purchase of more production machines holding "dry" or the development of "Sukhoi". This is confirmed, namely, in recent years placed orders. Since December 2008 , the Russian Air Force placed the following orders: 2008 — The contract for the supply of 32 frontline bombers Sou-34. 2009 year — The contract for the supply of 48 Su-35s, 12 Sou-And 4 27SM3 Sou-30M2, 2012 year — Contracts for the supply of 92 Su-34 and Su-30 30cm. So Makar, with 2008 year contracted 214 fighters and bombers holding "Dry".

Picking and delivery vehicles "Su". In 2008, the Air Force received only one of the Su-34, and in 2009 — two of the same car, the 2010 deliveries increased to 12 units (4 Su-34, Su-30M2 4, 4 Su-27SM3) and in 2011 the Air Force has already sent 16 planes (6 Su-34, Su-8 27SM3, 2 Su-35s), and two fighter layout fifth-generation T-50 started testing.

At the current time are participating in trials three T-50 layout.

In general, experts predict that as a result of the SAP for the period up to 2020 fighter, ground attack, and front-line bombers Russian Air Force will be staffed almost exclusively by machine production holding "dry" or the development of "Sukhoi".

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