Alexander Surikov: Belarus authorities should be able to forgive

The first cube land for the foundation of the Belarusian nuclear power plant will be dug up in early September. This was announced on June 9 at a press conference, Ambassador of Russia to Belarus Alexander Surikov.

He said that Russia's plans regarding the Belarusian NPP construction lending have not changed. Home treaty will be signed, "if not at the end of June, then in the beginning of July."

The decision to buy the Russian party of the second part of "Beltransgaz" will be made in June

Alexander Surikov said the cost of the second part of "Beltransgaz" in the $ 2.5 billion estimate is named for the Dutch company. And Russia does not put this figure into question. 2.5 billion dollars plus credit of the EurAsEC, according to Alexander Surikov, "seriously help Belarus to resolve their financial problems."

However, the ambassador said that Moscow and Minsk are not binding understanding on the sale of "Beltransgaz" before going to like the price of gas to both countries. "This is the position of the Belarusian side only, while the Russian side — the opposite."

Surikov on elections and sanctions

The Russian leadership has joined the EU estimated 19 events in Minsk on December. But at the same time Russia strongly opposes any sanctions against Belarus, as they affect the lives of the people.

Ambassador Surikov also expressed his personal opinion on the matter. "The state should punish violators. Can not allow anarchy. But at the same power be velikadushnymi and able to forgive. If it were so, it would be the people of Belarus have understood and appreciated. "

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