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Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

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In the open session of the European Parliament Strasbourg

In London, begins an official visit of the President of Romania Traian Basescu in the UK.

In The Hague, resumes suspended in February for the trial of Serbian Radical Party leader Vojislav Seselj.


In 1656, the Belarusian enlightener Samuel Peter-Sitniyanovich was tonsured a monk and took the name of Simeon, which every schoolboy knows how Belarusian Simeon of Polotsk

In 1749, the then capital of Belarus, Vilnius was destroyed by fire. Hundreds of residents of houses, palaces and chapel — all turned into coal. It was the largest fire in the history of Vilnius. It will take 30 years to the city to be rebuilt, and its population has reached 60 million people

In 1810, the German born composer, conductor, music critic and educator Robert Schumann.

In 1895, in the village of Pogiry on Dyatlovschina born Belarusian writer and politician Ignat Dvarchanin. He graduated from the University of Prague, and the most productive years of his life in Western Belarus. In 1937 he was shot in Minsk.

In 1934, the Soviet Union adopted the law "treason." The document called for a collective responsibility of the entire family and opened the gates of the Gulag not only for the so-called enemies of the people, but also for their relatives

There is a reason:

The Economic Court of Minsk (street Academic, 15, Bldg. 1) review the complaint BPF court's decision to evict the party out of office in the center of the Belarusian capital. Beginning at 10.00.

At the National Press Center held a press conference dedicated to the Day of Russia with Russian Ambassador to Belarus Alexander Surikov. Beginning at 11.00.

In the office of the United Civil Party (street Khoruzhei 22-1701) will be a meeting of the Political Council of the UCP. Home ABF 11.30.

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"May there always winds around the chain rule the silver thread of fantasy."

Robert Schumann

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