Amazon — The Great River of the world. watch online

Amazon - The Great River of the world.  watch online
Film "Amazon: Lofty river Peace "will explore the amazing life of the river, which has the most diverse ecosystems in the world. From all the cool rivers on the planet Amazon most longish — more, than 6,400 km in length, and in some places up to 16 km wide! It actually divides the continent in half, and contains one-fifth of all the fresh water on the planet. Emergency abundance of feral nature of the terrain includes Amazon more 3,000 species of fish and the unique large animals such as sloth, jaguar, capybara and tapir. With the help of the lovely views, taken from the bird's eye view, Prof. photo feral nature and unique visual effects "Amazon"To give you an idea of the mind-blowing animals and the fascinating history of the most majestic rivers of the world.

Nature (Rivers, mountains, landscapes, etc.)

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