America is waiting for a truly historic hurricane

New York City is preparing to evacuate. Hurricane "Irene", is expected to reach the coast on Saturday morning, and authorities are trying to get people out of the coastal areas. To take seriously the threat and urged Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama. But before the New York hurricane hit the north Carolina. However, while it is relatively easy. "Irene" is close to the coast at a speed of about 20 kilometers per hour. A gust wind speed in the hurricane affected areas reaches 175 kilometers per hour.
The wind, which literally sweeps away everything in its path — its speed is now 177 kilometers per hour — is ready to attack the East Coast of America. According to the national weather bureau USA, "Irene" is gone for a little while moving across the ocean, but not lost its destructive power. The first element will hit North Carolina. Tourists and local residents leave the resort towns, and military ships sail the high seas to the giant waves do not throw them on the shore.
In the five states of emergency. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced a mandatory evacuation of residents of those areas, which are located in the lowlands. According to preliminary estimates, it will affect about a quarter of a million people. The evacuation will begin on Saturday at 16 am local time, and even earlier, at noon, can be stopped by public transportation, including the Metro. The city authorities also fear flooding of tunnels.
Coastal areas in all five districts of the city are in the highest risk zone. Bridges, of course, will fall, but if the wind is too strong, it is necessary to close them, otherwise they will fall machine.
People will be placed in specially prepared shelters. The website of the City Hall issued a card that allows residents metropolis can determine how dangerous the hurricane will be the situation in the area.
Until Monday suspended all construction work. While in New York, nothing portends raging elements, but people are already buying drinking water and generators. Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Craig Fugate, has warned that a few days of the country could be left without electricity.
U.S. President Barack Obama is due to Hurricane "Irene" has decided to prematurely interrupt his vacation and return to Washington. He urged Americans to take seriously the impending disaster.
Obama: "The more you do now to prepare for a meeting with a hurricane — to develop a plan, assemble a set of first aid, learn evacuation routes, follow the instructions of local authorities — the faster we can help those who damage the storm. Everything points that this will be a truly historic hurricane. "
Meteorologists warn that the water level in some areas of the east coast could rise more than a meter. According to scientists, it is likely that the threads will cut way evacuation. To prepare for the meeting with the elements of the Americans only a matter of hours. First hit hurricane in New York, expected by mid-day on Saturday — around midnight Moscow time.


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To combat the effects of the hurricane "Irene" will throw the National Guard


The U.S. Defense Department is doing everything possible to prepare the country for the disaster, but if necessary to overcome the effects of Hurricane "Irene" may be brought 101,000 soldiers of the National Guard. This was during a conference call on Friday, said the Pentagon chief Leon Panetta.
"Defense Ministry has already prepared 225 trucks with food, water, equipment and generators. Currently they are in the state of North Carolina," — quotes the head of department, ITAR-TASS reported.
"We have an 18 helicopters, which can run on the entire zone of the hurricane. Besides, we can always ask for help from the U.S. National Guard. If necessary, the Pentagon is able to quickly provide state governors of the eastern coast up to 101 thousand trained soldiers," — Panetta said.
During the teleconference, which was also attended by representatives of the Federal Agency of the United States of Emergency (FEMA), the head of the Defense Ministry received an update on the situation in the zone of the hurricane. Panetta's leading advisers on national security are also reported to him on the steps of preparation, taken on the whole east coast.
U.S. President Barack Obama earlier called the approaching storm is extremely dangerous. In the area of the storm may be up to 55 million Americans.
It is expected that tropical storm "Irene" to reach the coast of North Carolina in the next few hours. Currently, the wind speed in its epicenter was 160 kilometers per hour.

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