An open secret about where oligarchs means of hiding

World of year already beset wave of economic crisis. One gets the impression that the entire population of the earth to live on a fairly small islands of the tremendous crisis of the ocean, which with admirable vsepostoyanstvom raging storms and storms that generate financial and economic tsunami that could wash away not only people, and even the land on which these people (you and I) live.

An open secret about where to hide money oligarchs

Coupled with that money, analysts often try to find the answer to the question, what did, in fact, gives rise to all these crisis shafts. After all, how would a person did not work worse, the production sector is developing in almost all countries is quite intense, once a year, or those of other raw convey to increase the percentage of oil, gas, metals, and other relevant resources. But if so, it raises the age-old question: where did all the money go, even if the debts of industrial and commercial giants like the U.S., Germany or Japan grow as if by leaps and bounds? To behold this debt funnel is quite easy to stand a few minutes before the monitor on which the real-time shows the total gross debt of the United States: just a few seconds, this figure varies a million bucks. Weirdly submit: a few seconds — and the debt has grown to such a noticeable difference! Now the weighted average South American national debt is over 15.8 trillion dollars! As stated in a famous advertising: it's fantastic!

If you deploy a global community card debt, it is transformed into a kind of fiction is almost incomprehensible phantasmagoria when all countries have to prove to someone. In some places, they have to each other, here and there, they have some banks in some places the banks themselves have other banks. The result is an impression that this global financial turmoil reflects not so much the reality of the world economy as its own primary aim is to concealment of a global black hole. This crater is almost sucks money out of the budgets of the countries on the basis of which increases in size, and later asked to maintain their own new forms of more and more cash injections.

And, apparently, some progress toward solving this large and carefully-concealed secret, made virtually of days.

His investigation conducted independent experts at (well, or, at least, considers itself to be independent) of Tax Justice Network. This company acts as a tax inspector outside world, striving to detect the direction of incoming taxes as well as the means that taxes had to be, but instead it turned out not to state coffers. So, experts at TJN found that the now huge fraction of funds that bypass all of the tax and universities are not declared anywhere, settle in the offshore. This special cash centers, attracting capital from around the world by certain tax or other preferences for owners of capital. For ease of understanding the essence of offshore can result in the subsequent example: you're in for a month earned a certain amount of money, the tax on this amount fixed at 13%. At the same time, there is some neighbor which offers for you to register your business on its territory, and for this he will be with you to take not 13%, but, for example, 3%. If the question of the average citizen, which as kazhdomesyachnogo income is 10-15 thousand rubles, he is a special offer profits, of course, will not bring. But when the income of a person shall be calculated numbers with six or seven zeros, the proposal of "neighbor" looks very tempting.

After calculations employees Tax Justice Network found that in those offshore planet Earth can now be concentrated just mind-boggling figure, able to exceed 30 trillion dollars!

For conducting payment operations experts at TJN used quite usual method: they analyzed the report documentation by the arrival of funds vkladyvatelnyh largest offshore world, and acquired data were extrapolated to the entire global financial system. With all of this among the biggest in the world of offshore this time are countries and territories such as Luxembourg, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Cayman Islands, Trinidad and Tobago.

For clarity, you can imagine what kind of foreign capital play a role in the lives of these regional facilities. For example, in such a state as Trinidad and Tobago, which although developed oil and gas extraction industry, but far not as active as in Russia, the GDP per capita is almost 38% higher than that with a GDP of our country. But in terms of the island of Trinidad and Tobago is striking not only that.

The fact that the said government after strong start its own offshore activity suddenly defected to discharge absolutely free with an international perspective of the countries. The index of "complete freedom" appropriated Trinidad Americans, despite the fact that there is already long years maintained the highest level of corruption in the judicial system, there is a ban on so sweet heart the Washington backers of some homosexual affairs, in the presence of the problem of civilian activity of the female population, is used the death penalty, and even corporal punishment. But it turns out, it does not affect the "freedom" of the country. The main achievement of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago is that it has authorized the work, tell them so, in the tax code significantly optimized to foreign companies, a large part of which are specifically from the United States. So, here, is what lies at the freedom the American way. Give us the land and cell storage facilities, of which you can take for yourself a little, and we will declare your country free …

In general, Trinidad found their place in this world, and hardly anyone brave enough to accuse him of it …

In a similar situation and the Cayman Islands, which are British overseas possession. The level of GDP per capita here is almost 20% higher than in the mother country itself — a magnificent figure for the colony, is not it? And the thing is, what exactly is the Cayman Islands, which are located in the Caribbean Sea, has long been chosen by businessmen from the United States and the United Kingdom, leaving the egg capsules in the local back-breaking hard-earned hundreds of billions of dollars. According to the Tax Justice Network, in these islands there is some money center, in the walls of which says nothing less than, 12,000 companies in the United States. If we consider that the office of each company covers an area even if not the greatest "odnushki", the total area of the center of the money should be about half a million square meters. For comparison, the total area of the interior of South American Empire State Building is a little more than 250 thousand square meters. In other words, the Cayman Islands has posted a terrific facility of this size, as two New York skyscrapers combined. Only here with good intentions, we will not find anything like that here. Yes if would such a building here and there was, the Cayman Islands under his weight just would have gone under water Caribbean. But then, that after all this is weird money center? Yes, it's just the same "Barnyard" on a global scale, where the scrolls even millions, and hundreds of billions of dollars a year. Fortunately, the locals have a scroll of "labor penny …"

If we are an offshore life pounding the key in the Caymans and in Trinidad, what we talk about states such as Luxembourg and Switzerland. But it's your favorite place to 'work' means Russian businessmen and officials at various level

According to analysts' estimates of TJN Our homeland now occupies the second place in terms of assets that are excreted from the country by offshore. Over the last 20 years of the Russian Federation is derived in offshore zabugornye 800 billion dollars! It's just mind-boggling figure, which could (if naturally remained inside the Russian Federation) to reincarnate our country if not in the Garden of Eden, the lives of ordinary Russians do much better. But this is all a dream, a dream … Who are we to these 800 billion-that will present? ..

By the way, in terms of withdrawal in zabugornye leading offshore China. His level is 50% higher than the Russian, but this level is not designed for 20 and 30 years. It turns out that when translated into absolute number of our oligarchs are going head to head with the Chinese oligarchs.

If you read on the total amount of funds taken out to bypass the municipal tax authorities in offshore zabugornye (and it is necessary to recall the number, which can be a 30 trillion dollars), these volumes could solve all the world's money prepyadstviya taken together. Here and in the U.S. have paid to own the debt and have to live creature, and not just the printing press, here, and old Europe breathed freely, have less than cursing the unfortunate Greeks for their rampant embezzlement, here and in Russia would wonder where to put the remains of the table Cash sharks — for the defense or for education …

It turns out that the global monetary crisis, when all have something to someone — is the natural ending of endless accumulation rather limited handful. Only here earlier if so have guessed, it was silent, it was more profitable to put all the blame on the average Greek or Italian who Tipo completely unwilling to work … Now, thanks to the revelations of the TJN sanctuary became apparent.

Barack Obama after the announcement of disk imaging is also promised to "find" that "Cayman pyramid scheme", the British authorities have promised to conduct an all-out test business of their own companies in offshore zones, Germany expressed concern outlined in the reports TJN figures. Our official home of your own comments yet does not …

What a specious concern western favorites — in fact less than the shaking of the air. Well, then-President neuzh the same United States now has such a tool to prevent large companies to withdraw their funds in offshore accounts. Sorry, but the guts. Well, what often happens is that the means of those most offshore give the politicians themselves a place to turn at least 180 degrees. If so, then the revelation of Tax Justice Network — it's less than a tale about what everything is unaware of. Not a lot of it was quite too optimistic to believe that at this time the world's favorite take, well, and give them an order to withdraw money magnates their money from offshore and return to their homeland. Well, yes, yes, — answer moguls and continue to do their work …

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