ANALYSIS VISION Boris Kulagin, «I saw what would be the end of the world»

This article consists of two parts:

Part 1 — the original analyzed text-description as set directly by the author vision Boris Kulagin (version text from personal correspondence with the author).

2 part — an attempt to analyze the vision of Boris regarding events occurring in it, why, and most importantly how it can (and can you?) Occur, and, most importantly — it is binding on the ground, on the basis of these data in a vision. Author of the text-analysis: SunWord (as amended's blog).

So, let's begin.

Text Vision

Boris Kulagin: "Quite a long time, about three years ago, during the three longest hours of my life, I saw what would be the end of the world … However, I was driving in a car and driving, and was fully conscious, did not drink alcohol and any other stimulant … In general, at first thought it was .. went to the roof .. So, I saw suddenly the entire visible area was a wave height of about 4 — 5 meters, but this was the wave of the earth — soil, there was a feeling that the ground for a moment became as water, wave motion of her speed was enormous.

I do not know how to measure or describe, but after a wave remained nothing even remotely resembling a building or road, I saw everything as if I'm standing on the dais at the Ring Road where Volokolamskoe included in Moscow, where the church is still standing. I was looking at Moscow, or more precisely on that desert which was left … Everything was burning, exploding, but almost no moans and screams, and the majority were killed immediately.

Then I saw the remains of people gathered, and fight for a piece of bread, killing each other, I went to the north further and further away from the city around it was razed to the ground, then saw excerpts faces — who was dying, who survived all was so realistic that my wife and I moved to live in a remote village, 400 km from Moscow three years ago.

Now I wait. But, unfortunately, I do not know when it will happen. Not happen again once. In the words of my father in the church — "Sometimes the Lord lifts the curtain on your own, but sometimes naughty devils may obscure reason."

I was here 55.831199,37.402411 — was driving to the center and saw that everything breaks down quickly. Saw the corner of his eye, as it were, stopped, jumped out of the car — at this point the wave was at a distance of around 500-600 meters away from me and was even on the horizon of the Soviet Era. After about a second, I was pushed to the ground. When I got up, everything is finished …

Everything around is destroyed, the buildings did not have any in sight as far as the eye could see. It was about 15 — 16 hours of the day, the feelings of August — September. Almost everyone who rode in cars crashed and burned. The road has disappeared — a feeling that the asphalt was breaking of the ice. Everywhere was either smoke, or steam. Somewhere something underway. There's still a little more filling and to the left for some reason it did not burn when I saw it. Decided that we should get out of town, I knew that his wife is where we live now (note the author — Yuhovo, Maksatihinsky Tver Region) and I need to get there.

What is important, in front of my eyes drifted thousands of people and I could see how someone died or not, saw my girlfriend took off her feet and she lived for a time about five minutes, she was hurt, but it was fixed … saw her eyes … then By the way, I'm at work for about a month at a meeting with the people saw it live or not, even as a client to explain something, I try and suddenly I see that it was crushed under the rubble of apartment buildings and I stand, I look at him and think, why am I here crucified, after all you are dead … well, horror!

In short, I went home to the north, was about a month in secret, because the path of the 50 km zone of large cities met flocks crazed people who really could kill each other for a piece of bread, found under the rubble. All around the corpses, no food, water, travel by car is impossible, since the terrain was impassable … "

Analysis of information

Letter A a red icon indicates the position where Boris Kulagin saw the vision.

Transfiguration Church in Tushino. Russia, 125371, Moscow, Volokolamsk Highway 128. I wonder what Boris Kulagin watched your vision about the church.

Boris Kulagin — "… I saw it all as if I'm standing on the dais at the Ring Road, which is included in the Volokolamsk highway Moscow a church is still standing".

Boris Kulagin — "… at this point the wave was at a distance of around 500-600 meters from me was exactly on the horizon of the ENEA. About a second I was pushed to the ground … "…" …This wave was out of the ground — soil, there was a sense that the land has become like a second water moving wave, its speed was tremendous… ".

Do a simple calculation. Approximate speed of the ground wave from the story B.Kulagina ~ 500-600 meters in 1 second. Which is equal to the speed ~ 1000-1200 meters (1-1.2 km) for 2 seconds. In 1 hour = 3600 seconds. Hence, the velocity of the wave was ground ~ from 1800 to 2160 km / h, that slightly less than the velocity of sound in pure water. (In pure water, the speed of sound is 1435 m / s) It's a bit since the velocity of seismic waves can reach up to 8 km / s = 8000 m / s or 14 400 km / h

The direction of movement in the picture above, I indicated to the one described by Boris Kulagin ("… There was even on the horizon of the ENEA")

In pure water, the speed of sound is 1435 m / s

Seismic waves and their measurement

Sliding rocks along the fault initially prevents friction. As a consequence, the energy that causes the motion is stored in the form of elastic stress rocks. When the voltage reaches a critical point, above the friction force, there is a sharp break rocks with their mutually offset, the stored energy is released, causing the surface wave oscillations — earthquakes. Earthquakes can also occur in the folds of crumpled rocks, when the magnitude of stress exceeds the tensile strength of rock, and they split, forming fault.

Seismic waves generated by earthquakes, spread out in all directions from the source like sound waves. The point at which to start shifting of rock called the focus, or focus of the hypocenter, the point on the Earth's surface over the fire — the epicenter of the earthquake. Shock waves spread out in all directions from the center, the farther away their intensity decreases.

Seismic waves are called waves propagating in the earth from earthquake or some explosions. Since the Earth is mainly solid, it can occur at the same time two kinds of waves — longitudinal and transverse. The velocity of these waves is different: the longitudinal spread faster cross. For example, at a depth of 500 km of seismic shear velocity 5 km / s, and the wave velocity — 10 km / s.

Types of seismic waves

Seismic waves are divided into pressure waves and shear waves.

* Compression waves, or longitudinal seismic waves cause vibrations of the particles of rocks through which they pass, in the direction of propagation of the wave, causing the alternation of regions of compression and rarefaction in the rocks. Speed
propagation of compressional waves is 1.7 times greater than the velocity of shear waves, so they are the first to detect seismic stations. Compression wave also called primary (P-wave). P-wave velocity equal to the speed of sound in the corresponding rock. At frequencies of P-waves, the large 15 Hz, these waves can be taken at the hearing as an underground buzz and rattle.

* Shear wave or S wave, cause rock particles oscillate perpendicular to the direction of propagation. Shear waves are also called secondary (S-wave).

There is a third type of elastic waves — long or surface waves (L-waves). They cause the most severe damage.

Medvedev-scale Shponhoyera-Karnik (MSK-64)

12-point scale-Medvedev-Karnik Shponhoyera was developed in 1964 and is widely used in Europe and the USSR. Since 1996, the European Union adopts a more modern European macroseismic scale (EMS).

According to Russian regulations cards (SRF-97) the intensity of the maximum possible seismic tremors on medium soils (soils of the second category on SNIP II-7-81) in the city of Moscow match 5-score macroseismic scale (MSK-64) with a probability of 99% is not excess of the seismic effect the next 50 years.

Boris Kulagin — "… I was looking at Moscow, or more precisely on that desert which was left … Everything was burning, exploding,
but almost no moans and screams, and the majority were killed immediately. Then I saw the remains of people gathered, and fight for a piece of bread, killing each other, I went to the north further and further away from the city, around it was razed to the ground …'

On the prediction of earthquakes

Even if the measurement accuracy and the non-existent until the physical and mathematical model of the seismic process made it possible with sufficient accuracy to determine the place and time of the destruction of the earth's crust, the magnitude of a future earthquake remains unknown. The fact that all models of seismicity, reproducing graph of earthquake recurrence, contain a particular stochastic oscillator, creating these models dynamic chaos, described only in probabilistic terms. More explicitly, the source of stochasticity can be qualitatively described as follows. Let extending in front of the earthquake damage to the site is suitable strength. Of whether this site is destroyed or not, depends on the magnitude of the earthquake. For example, if the front of the destruction will continue, the earthquake will be catastrophic, and if not, will remain small. The outcome depends on the strength of the site, if it is below a certain threshold, the destruction will follow the first scenario, if higher, the second. There is a "butterfly effect" (Butterfly effect — a term in the natural sciences, indicating the property of some chaotic systems. Little impact on the system can have large and unpredictable effects elsewhere and at other times): Negligible difference in strength or voltage leads to macroscopic effects, which can not be predicted deterministically, because the difference is smaller than any accuracy. A prediction of the location and time of the earthquake with unknown and probably quite safe magnitude is not practical, as opposed to calculating the probability that a major earthquake will occur.

Overview of future earthquakes

— The western part of the border between the United States and Canada, 2008-2018. 9-9,3 points

— Los Angeles and San Francisco in California, 2008-2038 gg. 6.7 points, the number of possible victims — 5-40 thousand people, the potential damage — $ 150 billion

— Chile, 2008-2018. 9-9,3 points

— Tokyo, 2008-2054 gg. 7 points, the number of possible victims — several thousand people

— Sakhalin, 2008-2050 gg. 8-9, the number of possible victims — several thousand people

— Baikal-Mongolia region (Irkutsk and Chita regions, the Republic of Buryatia, the adjacent part of Mongolia), 2009-2015.

— Northern Tien Shan in the Kyrgyz ridge to the south-east of Bishkek, 2008-2010. 6 points

— Tehran, 2008-2050 gg. 6-7.5 points, the number of possible victims — several million people

— Kashmir, 2008-2018. 9-9,3 points

— Indian Ocean near the Andaman Islands, 2008-2018. 9-9,3 points

— Bay of Bengal, 2008-2050 gg. 9.3, the number of possible victims — 500 thousand — 1 million.

Solid foundation earth's surface, lying at our feet, according to commonly accepted theory of tectonic plates, is nothing more than a hoax. In accordance with this postulate seemingly solid surface of the Earth is actually made up of constantly drifting plates. According to the theory, which is based on discoveries in the field of geology, oceanography and geophysics, lithosphere, or outer crust, is divided into seven major plates, and twelve small. Each of them has a thickness of about 100 kilometers and is based on a less stable and softer layer called the asthenosphere. On these plates piled chaotically continents, the thickness of which is 70 kilometers. Scientists have theorized that the cause of the drift plates is the redistribution of heat within the Earth. During this process, is pushing each other continents and plates, they offset each other. Some of them differ. Along these boundaries earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

There are two main causes of earthquakes. One of these processes reflects the nature of the surface and causes minor earthquakes. It is that the plates, drifting along such great faults, like the San Andreas in California and the Alpine Fault in New Zealand, act like scissors, crushing and grinding the edges of each other. Another reason reflect a deeper processes in the areas along the edges of shifting plates, where the edges of the masses of the earth's crust sink into the earth's mantle at a depth of about 500 kilometers re-absorbed, absorbed. Earth tremors caused by earthquakes due to the collision of the masses or the "arrival" of one plate to another. In the earth's crust having stress, tension and pressure, which finds its resolution on the surface of the Earth. You can draw a picture. The shell of the Earth — is the surface of the sea, the waves of the tides. Solid object, bumping into an obstacle in a place under the ground, suddenly becoming free, rushes to the surface. Where it appears on the surface, there are processes similar to those that are at the center of the earthquake. Location of the break through to the surface of an object is called the epicenter. Circles radiating from the epicenter, correspond exactly to the ripple effect of the oscillations originating in the earthquake.

The only adjustment that can be made in this analogue reality is that earthquakes usually have several epicenters simultaneously throughout the fault line. Thus, the shock wave and its effects are complex and coverage. Earthquake, as a rule, begins with a light shake. Following this, sometimes with frightening speed people, there is a series of strong aftershocks that could cause a volcanic eruption, falling rocks and breaks the surface. Plots can rise and fall, causing, in turn, landslides and tsunamis — giant waves suddenly dumped on the coastal areas of Asia (in other places these terrifying wall of water called seismic waves).

Finally, the final stage of the cycle is characterized by a reduction in the strength of the earthquake vibration. When earthquakes occur in urban areas, the destruction is usually much and are catastrophic. Supple structure, built on the bedrock, more resistant earthquake than hard erected sustainable.

More than 90% of the Earth in the modern era is covered eight major lithospheric plates.

Location map of the tectonic plates

North American Plate is shown in brown. Pacific plate is shown in yellow.

That is, if, according to Russian regulations cards (SRF-97) in the city of Moscow the next 50 years not expected any earthquakes over 5 points on the macroseismic scale, with almost 100% probability (and the most significant in this respect for the city is
focal zone of the so-called major earthquakes — the zone of Vrancea (Romania) and the Eastern Carpathians). Especially since this is not the direction from which B. Kulagin saw in his vision of the shock wave, the consequences of what he "saw" can be offset plates in the area of the San Andreas Fault, which separates the North American plate from the Pacific, the shift which was involved in the eastern edge of the Eurasian lithospheric plate, if that is what he "saw" it was not a large meteorite falling in the central region of Russia.

Shifts in the continents

Shear plate boundary on the continents are relatively rare. Perhaps the only currently active example of this type of boundary is the San Andreas Fault, which separates the North American plate from the Pacific. 800-mile San Andreas fault — one of the most seismically active areas on the planet: a year plates move relative to each other by 0.6 cm, an earthquake with a magnitude of more than 6 units occur on average once every 22 years. The city of San Francisco and much of the area of the bay of San Francisco built in the immediate vicinity of the fault.

Earthquake in Moscow — no more than 5 points, or whether we will save the SRF-97?

By all indications Moscow is seismically safe areas, here for the entire foreseeable period there were no one any serious aftershocks.

For formal assessment of seismic hazard is the set of general seismic zoning maps. When creating maps (OCP) in 1991-1997 by the Institute of Physics of the Earth. Schmidt calculated seismic effect of close and distant sources of earthquakes. OCP cards were divided into large-scale ground 25×25 km. Special attention was given to serious homes of the East European platform in the center of which is located and Moscow. In times of crisis
1998-2001, these works were little. Research has continued in 2002-2003 in connection with the activation of a high-rise building in Moscow.

According to VI Ulomova, Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences "… prior to 2007-2008, All estimates of seismic effects on construction projects in the European part of the country based on the incorrect use of the earthquake accelerograms Vranchskogo March 4, 1977, received the seismic station «NIS» (Serbia), located at 448 km south-west of the epicenter. This original digital accelerogram unlawfully extrapolated Russian hydraulic engineers to distances 1400 km, in the latter was used in the calculation of the seismic effects of even such extremely critical structures, what are the nuclear power plants. By mistake, in the same distorted accelerogram became the first regulatory document for building construction in the city of Moscow ("Provisional recommendations on the number of loads and impacts on multifunctional high-rise buildings and complexes in Moscow." Moscow: FSUE "STC" "Construction 2006 ")."

According to experts the most important for Moscow are "echoes" of large earthquakes in the source zone of Vrancea (Romania) and the Eastern Carpathians. The origin and mechanism of earthquake in 1997, 1990 and 1986 in these areas were studied by scientists from different countries. But according to Russian regulations cards (SRF-97), the intensity of the maximum possible seismic tremors in medium soils (soils of the second category on SNIP II-7-81) in the city of Moscow match 5-score macroseismic scale (MSK-64) with 99% probability not exceeding such seismic effect the next 50 years. The greatest risk to high-rise buildings are low-frequency vibrations from deep sources originating in the Eastern Carpathians.

Forecast seismic manifestations in Moscow during earthquakes in the Vrancea zone

According to normative maps of general seismic zoning of the Russian Federation — SRF-97, the area of Moscow is a 5-point seismic zone. The greatest risk to high-rise buildings in Moscow are the low-frequency vibrations from the deep sources of large earthquakes occurring in the eastern Carpathians (Vrancea region, Romania), the distance from Moscow about 1350 km. Based on an analysis of records seismic station "Moscow" Vranchskih earthquakes of magnitudes ranging from Mw = 5.0 to Mw = 7.4 determine the acceleration of ground motion in the city of Moscow. Extrapolating the parameters of the weak and moderate earthquakes in the direction of large seismic events, estimate the maximum horizontal acceleration Ahor = 2.3 cm/s2 expected at Vranchskom earthquake with a magnitude of possible mksimalnoy Mw = 8.0. Designed synthesized accelerogram maximum possible effect on the reference ground of Moscow. shown that the multi-dimensional movement of the soil and do not focus strictly on the direction of the seismic source. Identified the need to adjust macroseismic MSK-64 scale and specification of building codes — SNIP II-7-81 in assessing the effects of low-frequency seismic intensity of 5 points or less, including those from distant earthquakes.

Moscow and earthquakes are things incompatible?

Applications for seismic hazard, which allegedly threatens the Russian capital, were so regularly appear in the media, it is difficult to understand: whether it really is or it is a speculation?

What shakes Moscow?

Moscow shakes, primarily land and underground transport, as well as hurricanes that occur from time to time. On all available seismic data, Moscow is to seismically safe areas. Over the period of Russian history written from century to the present or in the annals nor in the literature, in Moscow, there was not a sufficiently strong earthquake. Not been any noticeable local quake for all 70 years of almost continuous instrumental record seismic station "Moscow", located in the central part of the city. In this sensitivity seismograph stations can not be doubted, since its seismograms are even "tragic record" shock of the terrorist bombings that destroyed in September 1999 homes in southern Moscow. However, as already mentioned, to Moscow often reach measurable seismic waves from the sources of large earthquakes in the Eastern Carpathians (Vrancea region, Romania), located at a depth of 150-200 km from the Earth's surface and the distance from Moscow to a distance of about 1400 km.

Fig. 1. General section of the map of seismic zoning of the Russian Federation — OCP 97S for assessing seismic hazards during construction of increased responsibility, including high-rise buildings. Against the background of different landforms hatched area shows the seismic intensity (in this case — 6 and 7 point scale) and red — the location of tectonic faults of different ages. Thin gray lines delineated administrative regions.

Relatively recent seismic events of this kind, in which the vibrations of the earth's surface in Moscow reached the intensity of 3-4 points were Carpathian earthquakes in 1940, 1977, 1986 and 1990 In the latter cases, there is two pushes — 30 and May 31, 1990 An earthquake 1977 at 14-18 floors of modern tall buildings tower intensity fluctuations may exceed 5 points. This is quite natural, since with increasing building height variations are always enhanced by his swing. Very often it is observed at low frequency (smooth) seismic vibrations from distant strong earthquakes (high frequencies decay rapidly with distance).

Fig. 2. Section of the map of global seismic hazard created with the participation of many countries, including Russia, and published in 1999 under the auspices of the UN in the U.S.. Seismic effect on this map is presented in the form of faster
ground motion, which has a probability of 90% should not be exceeded in 50 years (in other words, the frequency of such an effect on the average once every 500 years). Here, the white color represents 5 or less points, the blue color — 5-6 green — 6-7 yellow — 7, Pink — 8, Red — 9, Brown — 9-10. Dashed arrow shows the path of seismic waves from the epicentral area of Vrancea to Moscow.

Terrible whether skyscrapers in Moscow?

"Do not kill the people of the earthquake, and the building," rightly said in his book "shaky firmament" (M: "Peace", 1988), the famous American engineers, seismologists J. Gere and H. Shah. In other words, we need high-quality and well-built, consistent with the potential seismic hazard, and then the earthquake will not be afraid. At the same time it must be recognized that the seismic vulnerability of Moscow can actually increase, but not so much because of the natural rock compaction and subsidence caused by intensive development of the city and the construction of high-rise buildings, but in view of the fact that, due to proliferation of underground network of artificial cavities, as for the broad use of sites with enough solid ground, rocks overly saturated with water or other fluids. And it can increase seismic effect on a score or more of the same remote centers Carpathian earthquakes. As for the "live" and seismically active tectonic faults near Moscow, which always say some geophysicists and geologists, for such claims until there are no seismic bases. Ancient East European platform remains as stable, which was hundreds of millions of years ago. Although, as you know, it's hard to find parts of the globe, where there was not any sort of faults. However, most of them long ago "outlived" period of his activity, and over millions of years firmly firmly "healed" and no earthquakes on them does not arise.

Seismic zoning Russia

The figure above shows that almost all highly seismic zones are in Russia on the part of the shock wave which is "seen" Boris Kulagin in his vision.

Told Scientific Secretary of the International Institute of Earthquake Prediction Theory and Mathematical Geophysics, Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Gorshkov "City intensively built up not very understandable way, there is a heavy load on the deeper horizons, because it builds huge deep foundations, large underground structures, and all this changes the intensity within the Earth's crust, "- he said. And he added:" This high-rise building, a deep-space exploration — all this may eventually prove, including tremors. But I can not say anything about their potential power. "

The scientist did not specify exactly where the elements may show themselves. But Pavel Globa claims that most seriously hurt in the earthquake business center "Moscow City", "as the area from Tushino to the White House — one of the bad areas of Moscow."

There in the capital and tectonic conditions for earthquakes. "Moscow is located within the geological platform in the Russian platform. * Platform's relative tectonic stability, but, in principle, somewhere within the same platform of our Russian earthquakes occur," — said

The scientist said that in the city there are the so-called nodes — at the intersections of fault zones, and it is in these areas are possible aftershocks. "Moscow — the largest territory, and there is not one — two faults, and the entire system, faults intersect, and there are several such points of intersection. According to our understanding, this is a big site that complex structure. But not all the same in each node are strong earthquake, "- he explained.

Besides, as said the scientist, can be felt in the so-called distant earthquakes that occur, for example, in the Carpathians. The last time such a magnitude 7 earthquake was in 1977, and quite strong vibrations were felt in Moscow in Teply Stan. "People from the 11-storey ran because started swinging chandelier, opens the cabinet, and the seismic intensity was about four points" — reminded Gorshkov.

He explained that it was not an earthquake, as such, only their echoes, and the weak. Also considered strong aftershocks with magnitude of 6.5. Until now, the Russian Plain earthquakes of such force was not.

East European platform (Russian platform) — one of the largest, relatively stable areas of the earth's crust. Covers an area of Eastern Europe between the Caledonian folded structures of Norway in the north-west,
Hercynian folds of the Urals in the east and the Alpine folded ridges of the Carpathians, the Crimea and the Caucasus in the south. Morphologically East European platform is a plain dissected by the valleys of large rivers.

Edgar Cayce predicted that?

Edgar Cayce (1877 — 1945) — American clairvoyant and healer best known predictor of the beginning and middle of the last century, the owner of the priceless gift of foresight.

"Human civilization nearly dies later in 2000." "Planet shake monstrous series of natural disasters: earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, uplift and subsidence of the land, that will change the face of the Earth. In these accidents perish England, Paris, Rome, Japan Islands, New York, California, part of the other U.S. states. " (American "sleeping" prophet Edgar Cayce 1877-1945.)

Casey prophecy

The main interest in people called prophecies of Edgar Cayce. Each case officially fixed the signature of the present with the expert witnesses.

Many predictions with Russia. He predicted the defeat of the Germans at Kursk, the end of fascism and Soviet victory in the Great Patriotic War. When the Red Army celebrated a victory, he said that the Soviet Union in the near future will disintegrate. "I do not have time to end in XX century. How come the collapse of communism — said the soothsayer — Communists will lose its authority." He said he was freed from communist Russia to face the crisis, from which it will be released safely, "his friendship with the people on banknotes which says, "We believe in God."

More recently, many experts believe the fantastic weather Casey at the fact that in 2010, revived the Soviet Union. Now, however, this prediction is beginning to translate into life — the first candidate to become union of Belarus, Russia may be possible to catch up Kyrgyzstan, eastern Ukraine, Armenia and Kazakhstan.

Casey prophecies cover the period from 1936 to 1998, from the first minor fluctuations earth to destruction of New York. He claimed that the earth's axis will be displaced by 2001, would follow the change in climate.

Third World War, predicted Casey is not expected, but the earth will cover something no less catastrophic — natural disasters. So, in 1930., When climate change on the planet is really no one thought predictor prophesied global warming. Casey is forecast, climate and seismic disasters affect the entire planet, which is why it change much. But Russia that suffered less than others and lead the resurgent civilization, the center of which will be in Western Siberia. Casey predicted these catastrophic end of XX century., Guessing with only the process of global warming.

Casey predicted the end of the century, the destruction of New York City, Los Angeles to San Francisco. He said that most of Japan will go under water and that Northern Europe will be transformed in an instant. He went on to say that even many of the places where the battle is raging, will be the ocean, seas, bays, and the lands, which will be a new order in which they will trade with each other. As for North America, he said that there will be many geophysical change more or less with a significant transformation of the North Atlantic coast. In 1934, Casey said that the earth fractures in many places. First converted to the west coast of America. In northern Greenland any open water, there will be new land in the Caribbean Sea … South America will shake from top to bottom, and in the Antarctic near Tierra del Fuego and the Strait will land with the raging waters.

So what did happen? How to protect yourself from the consequences?

Disaster, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, floods and other such disasters in their visions see many prophets and seers of the world. And such evidence is more than sufficient. Some prophecies frankly absurd, others are under a serious scientific basis. For example, it is easy to predict what the area will be flooded in the event of sea level rise, or where there will be an epicenter respectively identify the most secure areas in case of mass disasters.

Many refer to projections talented visionary
Gordon Michael Scallion
, to a map of heights, and maps of seismic activity.

That's what Scallion predicts about Europe and Russia:

"Changes to the map of Europe would hardly not the most rapid and profound. After the failure of the tectonic plates go under water the entire north of the continent. In place in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark will be only a handful of islands. Most of the UK from Scotland to the Channel also sink, and the kingdom of the remnants of London and Birmingham will be located on small islands resembling modern Scottish. Disappear almost all of Ireland.
Almost the whole of Central Europe from the Mediterranean to the Baltic will go under water. From all over France will remain a small island in the center of Paris. Between it and Switzerland will run new waterway from Geneva to Zurich. Perish from the earth one third of Spain, western and southern parts of Portugal.

Go under the water and three-quarters of Italy: sinking Venice, Naples, Rome and Genoa, but the Vatican could save — the city will take on the elevated areas of land. From Sicily to Sardinia will be new ground.

Black Sea flood Bulgaria and Romania. On the territory of Poland to Turkey, Great Holy War breaks out, which will retain the ashes of the few survivors of land. Part of western Turkey disappear under water: the new coastline stretching from Cyprus to Istanbul. "

"The former Soviet Union from Europe will separate the great sea — the result of the merger of the Caspian, the Black Sea, the Kara Sea and the Baltic. It will sink in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (except for the southern part). Divided almost in the middle of the island, a ridge of the Ural Mountains, it will cover the whole of the European territory of Russia and Siberia up to the Yenisei. Under the water column will be: Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan (except one-third in the southeast), Uzbekistan (except the south-eastern quarter), Western Kazakhstan (leaving only the islands of the northern and eastern part of the territory). From Belarus will remain a small eastern section, and the Ukraine — part of the north-eastern tip.

Lake Balkhash grow to the size of Colorado, and Lake Baikal — to the size of the UK. Almost untouched remains east of Russia, but there will be a huge body of water — spilled inland Laptev Sea, the water will go away and large areas of the north coast.

All this sounds scary, but Gordon Michael Scallion promises that the climate in the remaining areas will become more moderate, and it will allow Russia to become the breadbasket of Europe. Although much of her stay, the Europe … "

Detailed maps of the flood can be found here.

Whatever it was, back to the seismic activity.

Seismically active areas on the surface, there are "islands of peace". They are in constant motion is aseismic, which reduces stress — a major factor of seismic risk, and actually prevent earthquakes.

It was found that if the linked segments (the region where the voltage generated and are tremors) are far away from each other, the earthquake will take place in them regardless. The same effect is achieved if the aseismic zone separating them easily moves independently. If the "dangerous" areas are very close, they evolve together, which leads to the "joint", which is stronger seismic event.

RESULT: Is there life on Mars? Whether there is life on Mars? Will the End of the World? Or coming new era, a new era, a new humanity? Science is not known.

CONTINUED: Visions of the end of the world. The true motives of moving from the big city. Jan and Boris Kulagin.

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