And a star fell from the sky …

We were fast approaching a huge comet, which promises to be the brightest in the history of observations and eclipse the moon.

In the picture: This artist saw a comet in 1860. Scientists believe that comets may be carriers of life in the universe

It will be interesting

A recently discovered by two amateur astronomers comet demonstrate unprecedented celestial show, starting from November 28, 2013, when a celestial body will be less than 2 million kilometers from the Sun, in astronomical terms it is very close. If the forecasts are correct, the comet will be one of the biggest in the history of mankind and will surpass the brightness of celestial bodies such as comets Hale-Bopp in 1997 and the Pan-STARRS (C/2011 L4), which can be seen in the sky in March 2013.

New comet, named C/2012 S1 (ISON), was detected International Scientific-optic network in Russia on September 21, when astronomers Vitaly Nevsky (Petrozavodsk, Russia) and Artem Novichonok of Belarus captured her with amateur 0.4-meter reflector. Then, to the observations of unusual celestial body joined professional astronomers. It was they noticed that the behavior of the outer appearance of the comet and a lot to do with the so-called Big comet flew near the Earth in 1680.

ISON nearly parabolic orbit indicates that it flew out of the Oort Cloud — a huge area of icy objects that orbit the sun, untouched remnants of the formation of the solar system. Astronomers believe that there is a myriad of them. As you approach the core of the sun will heat up the heavenly guest, and one day it will be observed even in the northern hemisphere without any optical equipment. An unusual sight in brightness will last at least two months, astronomers believe. Comet sweep past Earth in late December 2013 — early January 2014. By itself the question: Is it safe to such close proximity to the inhabitants of the Blue Planet?

"The minimum distance to it and the Earth was 0.42 AU — is about 62 million miles, says Yury Zaitsev, a senior researcher at the Institute of Space Research.

— Less than half the distance from the Earth to the Sun, but far enough away to not be afraid of the collision. "

Researcher John Bortl comets, the first to notice that the trajectory of the new comet suspiciously exactly the same as the one that was the so-called Great (or more) of the comet in 1680, suggests that the current and former comets once were one-comet cyclopean proportions.

Great Comet of 1680 is quite remarkable. It was the first comet discovered by the German astronomer Gottfried Kirsch with astronomical instrument — a telescope. Its brightness, especially unusually long tail it struck contemporaries, it captured the artists and, in particular, Love Vershuer Peters.

Peddlers of life

Scientists expect the comet extremely interesting phenomena. Perhaps the current comet shed light on many mysteries of the universe, in particular, will help to understand the mystery of life. After all, comets, many scientists attribute the role of a carrier of life in the universe ¬ tion, this increasingly popular hypothesis is called the space of panspermia.

Panspermia problem many years does the Chief Scientist (and until last year — Director) of the Paleontological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Academician Alexei Rose ¬ new. It in our country was the progenitor of bacterial paleontology — the science of fossil microorganisms thriving in the world. One of the important conclusions that today comes this science — the one that lives in all likelihood not born on this planet, and was brought out of space. "Previously, in this hypothesis, few believed, but today more and more supporters — said the academician Rozanov.

— Delivery of bacteria carried comet. Meteorites, of course, also be involved. But in this case, the microbes get to Earth already dead. We have studied hundreds of fragments of the celestial bodies. This could be a few billion years, which is much older than the Earth ¬ know. The bacteria in these meteorites are morphologically indistinguishable from modern, but they hardened with a comet … is another matter. Ice "body" of the comet — aqueous medium in which the bacteria are well preserved and could well become the "building blocks" for building the foundations of a future life and the biosphere of our planet. "

This mystery is great there

The question is: where did the bacteria in comets? I doubt whether they were born in the body of the caudate adventurer. "Apparently, they" lived "on the planets, which were puddles, marshes, lakes, and so on, — said Academician Rozanov.

Obviously, the planet and psevdoplanety destroyed, and their fragments traveled to outer space as long as the fall to Earth. There is a view that the solar system meets regularly with the flow of matter in the universe. Maybe here and there is a meeting with a "live" cometary meteoroids "…

Although, of course, all this does not shed light on the important question — where do come from life. "The smallest bacterium is much more like a man than a mixture of chemicals — wrote about this a biology professor Lynn Margulis.

— After all, bacteria already have properties of a biological system. Therefore, the simplest bacteria to become a man, than a mixture of amino acids become the bacteria. "

Star of Bethlehem — also comet?

Traditionally seen as a precursor of the comet very significant change in the world. Leap in 1680 confirms this. At least in Russia. Nearing the climax of profound internal crisis — penalty Avvakum and simultaneous completion of the reign of Fedor Alekseevich. And the ancients attributed the appearance of comets, in Greek — tailed, shaggy celestial bodies, with possible disasters on the planet. These included the appearance of the sky with holy horror. They deified, endowed names and sacrificed unto them.

"Tailed beast" inevitably threatened the world, but 35 centuries ago in its path stood warlike Mars, shielding our planet from global destruction. Astrophysics is not a novelty that a giant northern basin of the Red Planet, covering 40% of its surface is the trace of the attack on Mars body, comparable to a small planet. "It was, apparently, at a time when life on Earth has existed — believes leading researcher IKI Igor Mitrofanov.

— As a result, life would be if she was killed on the Red Planet. Current studies of Mars suggest that this version is absolutely justified. It remains to find the pieces of the Martian DNA is now being done with the help of the Russian DAN unit, which is part of the American rover "Kyureositi."

With a span of comets near the planet Many legends. Russian researcher A.I.Reznikov made an interesting attempt to find a correlation between the Christian legend of the Christmas and the appearance in the sky, the star of Bethlehem with some events of that time was seen Halley's Comet. Astrophysical and historical point of view the time when, according to Sacred Tradition was born Christ Child, coincided in appearance of Halley's comet in the sky, and it became a kind of a happy harbinger for mankind.

Halley's Comet — a harbinger of Chernobyl

So it was not always. With the advent of Halley's comet bind bloody wars and devastating earthquakes, floods, epidemics, claiming the lives of thousands. The last time the comet approaches the Earth in 1986, and a visit to her, it was noted one of the strongest environmental disasters in the world — the accident at the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl. However, if one is associated with another, unknown. But it is difficult to consider the usual coincidence biblical prophecy about the sky falling star named Chernobyl. It seems that the warning came true apostle John: "And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers and on the springs of water. Name of the star" Wormwood "(in Ukrainian — Chernobyl. — Ed. ), and the third part of the waters became wormwood, and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter. "

Rather sinister looks and Typhon comet mentioned by Plato, who became, in his opinion, a harbinger of the destruction of Atlantis. The appearance of the comet, according to Plato, was predetermined by the air force in particular some light deviate from its path and fall to the ground, hitting all his fire. Recently confirmed the words of the philosopher for his research professor of geology at the University of Vienna, Alexander Tollmann. Trying to explain the high content of marine sediments, the glaciers in Antarctica and Greenland dust and volcanic ash age about 12,000 years old, and "perestroika" landscapes of Europe, Asia Minor and America, he studied the folklore of ancient peoples and established a close relationship with the geological facts on bytuyuschimi today the traditions of the great catastrophe. Perhaps the destruction of Atlantis-analogue of the Tunguska explosion, but only in the first case, the water had gone an entire civilization, and the second hit could take. Randomness it, and if not, who and why all this is done, -different story.

Core "of the comet, which eclipsed the light of the sun," according to Tollmanna, there was at least 3 km in diameter, and when entering the Earth's atmosphere, it was divided into seven large and several small pieces that fell to the surface. Places fragments fall prompted the Indian, Chinese, Central American and South Pacific legends about the "falling from the sky Death" — "red hot rain." Woke volcanoes. Smoke from forest fires mixed with volcanic ash. temperature rose to 70 ° C (due to the transfer tornadoes hot streams). Approximately month came the "great darkness." Along with her to the land from the sky hit the continuous rains caused by melting glaciers. As defined by limestone geology of the time, people and animals poured acid rain ("the water was bitter wormwood"). Because nitric acid were "blood rain".

Catastrophic sea level rise was accompanied by a tsunami wave of up to 100 m filled continents, extending away from the coast. For example, in the famous Shanidar cave, located at an altitude of 750 m in the mountains of Kurdistan, cultural layers can be traced for over 100 000 years. But at 10,000 years BC traces of people disappear, giving way to marine sediments, mixed with stones from the ceiling of the cave collapsed in the quake. Only five millennia cultural layer appears again — just in time, according to Christian chronology corresponding creation (over 5,508 years BC). Tollmann saw this as an analogy with the verses of the first chapter of Genesis, as a slow revival of the earth after the great catastrophe.

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