Andrzej Wajda — 85 years

The outstanding Polish film director Andrzej Wajda March 6 marked 85 years of age.

Andrzej Wajda — one of the founders of the Polish Film School, although in his youth, before the Second World War, he wanted to become an officer, but the cadet corps was not accepted. After the war, Wajda 5 years at the Krakow Academy of Arts, however, is almost becoming a professional artist, he decided that it was not his way — and chose the movie.

List all the master shot films and theater performances put in, it would be not an easy task. But if you talk about the most important works of the director, to them, of course, can be attributed one of his first high-profile films — "Ashes and Diamonds", a picture of the tragic fates of young Poles who can not accept the fact that after War, Poland will remain under the control of the Communists. And the movie was filmed in 1958.

Another film is also important for the director himself personally, was filmed almost 50 years later. "Katyn." In the Katyn father was shot by Andrzej Wajda — captured Red Army officer of the Polish army.

"After a lot of trial and reflection, I have come to the conclusion that a film about Katyn can not be taken solely for the purpose to show the historical truth about the events. This is already done historians and politicians. I wanted to make a film about a family torn apart forever, about hope, about the brutal truth Katyn crime "- says Andrzej Wajda.

After the release of the film in the first non-communist prime minister of Poland, Tadeusz Mazowiecki, publicly thanked the director, "Your film — it is a huge contribution to the fact that many have a better understanding of the events. I am very happy that the film was released, the tape is so deep and wise perceived . "

During performances of "Katyn" in Minsk, who arranged the Polish Institute, demonstrated a video message by Andrzej Wajda Belarusian viewers. "Perhaps the most important fact — the film" Katyn ", which was delayed for so long, but reveals such important for us, the Poles, the subject — said Andrzej Wajda. — In this room I am with you in heart and spirit, because I would like to screen tell you how much Poland needed today for members around this common European table. "

Andrzej Wajda was active in the opposition movement in Poland. In 1980, the director came to the strikers at the Gdansk sudnaverfi and joined the Advisory Board of "Solidarity". Behind him is constantly monitored security services, but Wajda continued to make movies — it was too great prominence in Poland and the world, the authorities have decided to ban the director to work with.

Despite its age, Wajda is full of energy and is preparing to shoot a new movie.

On the eve of the President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski decided awarding of Andrzej Wajda's highest Polish state award — the Order of the White Eagle.

Andrzej Wajda has spoken in support of the Civil Society in Belarus.

Exclusive interview with Andrzej Wajda for Radio Liberty (2005)

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