Another Frenchman applied for Russian citizenship

Settled in Kungur 36-year-old French balloonist Xavier Faure has applied for Russian citizenship.

Residents of the town of Reims, who visited the festival in the Kama aeronautics, well liked in provincial Russia, he decided to move here.

The newspaper said the Frenchman interested in the history and culture of Russia from childhood and college learned Russian. In Kungur he lived in a dorm room College of Art and has already started to give French lessons at a local high school, but it is likely to be invited to work as a teacher of Perm.

-. — Spartan life familiar to me, when I was a student, living in exactly the same dormitory, but only in France. I came to Russia for freedom. And I fell in love immediately.

The most important thing for Xavier, that here he will be able to fly on his favorite balloon as he wants. According to the man, in France, in order to fly, always have to get countless certificates and licenses. In Russia, I'm sure the pilot, the sky is accessible.

Four have already collected the necessary documents and addressed to the Service to grant him citizenship of the Russian Federation.

— Citizen Xavier Faure has prepared and filed the necessary set of documents to obtain a temporary residence permit, after that it will decide on a residence permit in Russia, — said the head of the Federal Migration Service in the Perm region in Kungur Edward Kuimov. — I am sure that he, like his famous countryman Gerard Depardieu will be able to get a Russian passport.

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