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Physicist from Sarov Alexander Filatov predicted the end of the world.

In the village under Abramov Sarov is a neat mansion whose owner knows and respects every local resident. Everyone knows — there lives a scientist. For three years, a graduate of the Moscow Aviation Institute and former Sarov specialist ABM Alexander Filatov calculations involved moving the mysterious planet Nibiru, which in the near future … can impact the Earth.

"To the tales of green men feel about the irony!"

Alexander Filatov house stands out among the other rural buildings Abramov. Originally designed roof makes it look like a space station. In the house — compact furniture-house, in the garden — perfect manicured beds and homemade tractor.

Alexander was born here, and after service in the construction battalion entered the Moscow Aviation Institute named after Ordzhonikidze specialty "Energy systems of spacecraft." The institute, he became interested in astronomy, and after graduation was in Sarov, where experimenting with sensors of their own design, these sensors were designed to control the underground missile tests.

After retirement, Filatov did not sit around and headed to his native village of gas boiler. But the enthusiasm of his life did not leave — in the evening engineer calculated the trajectory of the distant planets. Calculations he spent on an ordinary calculator, and print it on a single computer in the village hospital.

— I was born on September 1 — smiling Alexander. — Maybe that's why I have such a thirst for knowledge. My grandfather always said, "Learn, Shura" and money for books has always betrayed. Even in school, I knew that I will study the cosmos. Even plasticine spacecraft modeled … Since I grew up in the Soviet time, I have always been and remain a staunch materialist. And the stories about aliens and the "green men" treat with irony. In practice, I know: the people who "left" in ufology, so from there and did not come back!

But in the mysterious behavior of celestial bodies Filatov believes completely. Their calculations, which eventually led him to a sensational conclusion Sarov engineer began after reading the works of the famous orientalist Zacharia Sitchin. One deciphering ancient Sumerian inscriptions, presented a picture of the finished development of our civilization. Filatov checked Sitchin presented data and was amazed! But in order to understand the issue, you need to make a short historical review.

Ancient civilizations knew about the solar system

— In the 19th century, as a result of excavations in Mesopotamia were found ancient cities mentioned in the Bible, such as Babylon, Akkad, Eridu, Lagash, Marie, Uruk, Ur and others, — says Alexander Filatov. — From the ruins were removed thousands of clay tablets with the records on which the story was captured Sumerian civilization (it was located in present-day Iraq) and the history of the earth, stretching back over hundreds of years. In Sumerian chronicles, and they 5800 years describes what happened in the world of more than 450 000 years ago.

About 6000 years ago in Mesopotamia appeared (out of nowhere), an advanced civilization with all its attributes, talking about her high level of organization: the monarchy, a bicameral system of elected MPs and civic councils, judges and juries, the laws of correct behavior, concepts and beliefs that form as Surprisingly, the foundation of our modern culture. It was in Sumer was laid the foundation of knowledge in mathematics: calculation of the areas of complex shapes, root extraction, the solution of equations in two and three unknowns …

It turns out that the Sumerians knew the look of our solar system from space. They describe in detail all of the planet down to the color of each. However, in the Sumerian and the modern description of the solar system, there are some differences. So, between Jupiter and Mars Sumerians put another planet, which they called Nibiru. According to their description, it was a huge planet that rotates in the opposite direction to the other planets, it has a very elongated and inclined elliptical orbit passes through our solar system every 3600 years. Then it goes beyond the orbit of our planet and disappears from view.

The existence of some unknown planet recently said more and more often. Back in 1972, Joseph Brady of the University of California found that some unknown planet is the gravitational perturbations of the orbit of Halley's comet. Calculations astronomers have shown that it is five times the mass of Earth and orbits is three times farther from the sun than Neptune. In December 1981, the magazine «Astronomy» reported that by studying the telemetry data received from the spacecraft "Pioneer 10", "Pioneer 11" and "Voyager", the researchers, led by Thomas Van Flounder have come to the conclusion that a planet exists in the 2.5 billion miles beyond Pluto with an orbital period of at least 1,000 years. Soon, the same conclusion reached by scientists of NASA, who may have found, or rather, "find" this planet. According to them, the anomaly in the motion of Uranus, Neptune, and "Pioneers" are actually due to some mysterious object. "Infrared" IRAS satellite in orbit at work captured in two frames, "a mysterious object that can not be a comet." It can be either a planet, like Uranus and located 7.4 billion miles beyond Pluto, or the "Dark Star", remote from us by 80 billion miles. The material on this subject was published in 1982 in the June issue of the newspaper "Nyutayms" and "The New York Times."

The newspaper "New York Times" on January 30, 1983 in an article about the 10th planet quoted Ray Raynoldsa, astronomer Ames Research Center: "Astronomers are so certain of the existence of the 10th planet, which, according to them, you just give it a name '

"We will kill the planet, which gave life to humanity!"

— According to Sumerian chronicles, written on clay tablets, Nibiru, once passing through the solar system, came so close to the planet, called Tiamat, and had its own moon, that one of the moons of Nibiru collided with Tiamat, literally tearing it into two parts — continues to engineer in Sarov. — Most of the planet Tiamat with her from hitting the moon moved into the orbit between Mars and Venus, and became our Earth, and the other part is scattered in a million pieces, forming the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The Sumerians called this belt "forged bracelet." The next passage of Nibiru through the solar system, according to the U.S., is expected between 2100 and 2158 years.

By the way, according to the Sumerians, Nibiru was populated by conscious beings — nifelimami or Anunaki.

Their life expectancy was 360 000 Earth years! They were real giants: women increase from 3 to 3.7 meters, and the men of 4 to 5 meters. According to Sumerian chronicles nifelimy came to Earth about 445,000 years ago. The reason for their visit to Earth was as follows. As they say the Sumerian clay tablets, Nibiru has faced the problem rarefied atmosphere (very similar to our problem with the ozone layer). Their scientists consider the possibility of spraying in the ozone layer of tiny particles of gold (creation of the Golden Shield), which, like a mirror reflects light and heat back to the planet, and at the same time filter out the sun's rays that bring harm. According to the Sumerians, is for gold came to earth the first settlers from the planet Nibiru. At first they tried to extract it from the waters of the Persian Gulf, but then took up the development of mining activities in South-East Africa (scientific studies have confirmed that in South Africa during the Stone Age were mining work!)

Every 3600 years, when the planet Nibiru appeared near the ground, and it went gold reserves. According to historical records, nifelimy engaged in gold mining for a long time, from 100 to 150 thousand years. And then, as expected, the rebellion broke out. Long-lived nifelimam tired of working in the mines of hundreds of thousands of years. And then the managers nifelimov adopted a unique solution: create a "primitive workers" to work in the mines.

And the whole process of a person or the process of mixing of "divine" and terrestrial components — and, in the language of modern science, the process of in vitro fertilization, with details painted on clay tablets and cylinder seals depicted in Sumerian chronicles. Ancient told that the man appeared to have crossed the earth nifelimy monkey … and his "alien specimen." And among the pictures on clay tablets, this process is embodied in the form of two intertwined snakes. The symbol of this one in a similar human DNA …

So, the Sumerians were waiting for their "forefathers" after thousands of years. And, as it turned out, for good reason … now Nibiru is 40 million kilometers from Earth, and it is the same as the distance to Venus, that is not far — said Filatov. — People have seen it with the naked eye as a reddish disc!

"The Nizhny Novgorod region is the ocean!"

After analyzing the historical literature, Filatov came to the conclusion that Earth's collision with Nibiru depicted in many religious symbols. In Christianity — is a cross, indicating the crossing trajectories. In Eastern philosophy — it is a symbol of intertwining snakes.

And the Mayan calendar clearly states that human history is composed of five suns (periods), and the last begins in 2012. And an estimated Filatov in this year Nibiru will pass close to Earth.

— The worst case scenario of what is waiting for us — a repetition of the Flood, — said Alexander. — It will happen when Nibiru will pass over one of the poles. The ice will melt, Siberia "will move" to the North Pole, in the Nizhny Novgorod region will be the ocean. Nibiru most disasters from close passage near the Earth will not get any, because of its "core" is ten times thicker than Earth's — 10 percent of the total weight.

Having studied the ancient sources, Filatov recreated even look guilty future disasters.

— In size it still as the earth, — he said. — But it does not have the ocean and very little forest, some mountains and desert.

According to Alexander Ivanovich, Russian astronomers to observe the two regions of the sky, where you can "detect" a treacherous planet. When asked what he would do in 2012, Filatov sly smile:

— Potato plant, up to December 2012, all the same there is something right!

Konstantin Gusev

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