Apocalypse / hostile universe watch online

Apocalypse / hostile universe watch online
The Universe — is a very dangerous place, full of riddles and puzzles. But pop culture is so nravno treated the many things that most of our knowledge about the structure of the universe are wrong. What did we make a mistake?

Unfriendly Universe / Bad Universe Episode 1

Asteroid Apocalypse / Asteroid Apocalypse: 65 million years ago, an asteroid the size of Mount Everest more fell to Earth and wiped out the dinosaurs. Expects to have the same fate? Phil Plate is investigating.

Unfriendly Universe / Bad Universe 2 series

The attack intruders / Alien Attack!: Phil Plate knows, there can be an attack on Earth carrying the death intruders. He will also try to answer the never-ending question, are we alone in the universe?

Unfriendly Universe / Bad Universe 3 series

Dying Star / Dying stars: Bane star accompanied by the release of enormous energy that can cause great harm. Phil Plet knows how to die star becomes a supernova or hypernova.

Space, celestial bodies, astronomy

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