Apocalypse: The last of the Maya 4 series.

All year special correspondents TV3 traveled the planet in search of answers to questions plaguing all, when will our world, how will the end of the world, and will he do? Where the Mayans got their amazing calendar? How are the predictions of the Maya and 13 crystal skulls, now scattered in private collections? The researchers concluded that the mystery of the coming Apocalypse is closely linked with the mystery of the disappearance of the Mayan civilization. It turns out that there are many similarities between the ancient Indians and us … What? Soon we will know about it!

Tuesday Channel TV-3 collected in the RIA "Novosti" press conference dedicated to the output of the documentary "The Last of the Maya" — it was dismantled during the year in different countries. At the press conference were invited physicists, astronomers, religious and community leaders.

Authors of the film Veronica and Alex Ephraim Bakharev told, for example, that in the process of filming they found speaking Mayan crystal skull and even talk with him. Journalists asked Ephraim and Bakhareva the language spoken skull. It turned out that they were talking not with the skull, and with its owner, who understands in English. As for the Maya, Mexico crew knew that and so long known: Maya profukannyh secret knowledge and eventually killed themselves.

When the floor was given to other participants of the press conference, the debate became quite a different turn. Philosopher Igor Chubais announced that "the end of the world, we really will come soon — as a result of reform of RAO" UES "halved the efficiency of power, and the price of electricity has increased by 14 times, soon will not be light, and everything!" Next philosopher observed that for the Mayan end of the world because they have lost their ideology and even writing. "And now we have the Minister of Education said that the number of universities should be reduced to 150 — as in 1917: We are a place in history, we have no tomorrow! Apocalypse is happening on its own territory!"

Representatives of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, shouted from the audience, it's time to enter the criminal article for misinformation, "Globa have repeatedly predicted the end of the world, and it all No, he promised that Britain will go under water, and it all floats".

They strongly supported the physicists who have had enough to engage in this nonsense: "Really, it's time to criminalize, tired of these mystics already!" — Fumed member of Russian Academy of Sciences to combat pseudoscience Professor Rostislav Polishchuk.

However, the audience did not want to hear about the physics and demanded mysticism. All consoled Israeli rabbi and mystic Avrom Shmulevich: according to the Kabbalah, humanity would perish after 6000 years after the beginning of the Jewish calendar. This fall, the Jews began 5773rd year, or 227 years, we still have.

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