Asha on forest area fell bark beetle

As a result of mass reproduction of bark beetle pine forests Asha municipal district of Chelyabinsk region under threat of death.

As reported by the agency "Ural-press-inform" the expert on public relations of "Asha Metallurgical Plant" Julia Edel referring to the deputy head of the OSU "Asha forest" Yuri Shaldin to see the dead fir and spruce ashintsam no longer need to go to the forest. On the slopes of the mountains on the background of green foliage clearly distinguished dead trees, it is the victim of the spruce bark beetle. While the most effective way to combat this dangerous pest is a complete clearing of affected areas of the forest. In Ashe, dominated by deciduous trees, the problem is not as strong as in other cities of the region Asha — Mignard and Sime. Medicines from this scourge does not exist. One way out — as soon as possible utilize infected plantations. In order to study the situation in the region came specialists lesopatologi from Chelyabinsk.

According to engineer lesopatologa Center for Forest Protection of the Chelyabinsk region Marina Zaigralinoy, reasons, which resulted in a massive loss of spruce, a few. First, this windfall in 2007. Eliminate them fully failed and fallen trees — a great "food supply" for all kinds of pests, rodents, in particular. In addition, the element of weakened immunity trees. The root system of spruce and fir trees in the ground is shallow and very close to each other. One fallen tree breaks the vital root thread a few of their fellows. Is a chain reaction. The second reason, made the situation worse was the dry summer of 2010. Harsh winter only adds problems. The result — the death of the old, that is 30 years old and older, the spruce-fir plantations. Young trees that have a strong immune system, can not prevail against bark beetles.

At firs, affected bark beetle, clearly visible brown horizontal-hole marks. Tree with good immunity fills the hole with resin. If this fails, the bark beetle eats cork — a layer between the bark and the wood, which opens the way for secondary pests — fir-spruce longhorn beetle, after which appear in the tree hole and it finally dies.

The problem of protecting Asha spruce was discussed at a meeting between the head of the urban settlement Minyar Dmitry Savreeva and local Councils of Deputies Leonid a cut. For assistance, decided to appeal to the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Mikhail Yurevich.

Dmitry Zobkov

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