Ban on the use of hoses for watering filmed in the UK

Three major British water companies have removed two months ago introduced a ban on the use of hoses for irrigation and other household needs as well as in April and May fell a record rainfall.

Such restrictions introduced seven water companies after London and several surrounding counties of southern and south-eastern England officially declared a drought because of the depletion of water reserves in the absence of the required amount of precipitation. Private individuals were forbidden to water gardens, wash cars and use hoses for other household needs. Was permitted unlimited use of heads. The fine for watering with a hose is thousands of pounds.

The company Thames Water, serving including London, thanked the nine million customers based on the fact that they have taken into account constraints, saving 100 million liters of water a day.

"But in the long term the third consecutive dry winter, we encourage our customers to continue to use water wisely," — said in a statement.

Anglian Water and Southern Water, serving the south, east and central England, also lifted the ban on the use of hoses.

Immediately after the ban on the use of hoses in most parts of the UK a heavy rain, which did not stop until now. In April, fell to a record amount of rain and showers, spilled in early June, led to flooding in some areas. Agency for the Environment last week reported that the abundance of precipitation virtually eliminates the possibility of new restrictions by the end of summer.

The British Met Office issued a warning on the eve of what is coming to the north of England a new wave of heavy rains, accompanied by strong winds, which can cover most of the country by the weekend.

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