BBC: Crusades watch online

BBC: Crusades watch online

Crusades (1096-1270 gg.) Historians have called the military — religious expedition organized by the Western European feudal lords and the Catholic Church, under the banner of the struggle against the "wrong" (Muslims), the liberation of the Holy Sepulchre and the Holy Land (Palestine). So, more than 900 years ago, Europe and the Middle East were drawn long war that changed the world. Crusader times gave rise to such heroes as Salah — ad — Deanne and Richard the Lion Heart. That's when there were hundreds of legends about the warriors of the East and the West, laid the first seeds of discord, giving their bitter seeds and up to date. What were the true economic, political and religious motives spodvignuvshie greatest powers ever since the company marches through Europe. As he worked very conflict in the modern world? The researcher of the Middle Ages by Terry Jones, a member of the famous group Monty Python will try to answer these questions.

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