Bear pulled two people in Kamchatka

Brown Bear on Saturday attacked two people in the Kamchatka region. As reported by the regional agency for the protection and use of wildlife, the incident occurred near the river in Paratunka Elizovsky district of the region. The animal suddenly appeared out of the forest and attacked the guests.

Bear attack victims were two people — a man and a woman were killed. Game wardens are searching bear. It is assumed that he will be shot.

Note that in the middle of July in Kamchatka similar incident occurred. The bear attacked the tent with the tourists there by tourists as a result of the accident was injured woman. The incident happened on the night of July 15, 2011. in Malki. Beast, tearing the tent and tried to pull her out of the woman. If the predator is not scared off other vacationers, consequences of the attack could be more serious than the bite wound of the right forearm suffered.

The regional government then explained that the resting bear attacked, which in recent weeks with her two cubs fed at the tourist park. It has already been a case of the attack on her car.

Note that on Kamchatka inhabit some of the largest brown bears in the world: in the autumn they can weigh up to 700 kg. Bears are omnivores, they eat berries, nuts, roots, insects, fish, hunt large herbivores and eat carrion.

People bears tend to avoid. However, for a person can be extremely dangerous encounter with a bear-or rod-bear with cubs.

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