Because of river flooding in Brazil evacuated tens of thousands of people

More than 74 thousand families have been evacuated in Brazil's largest state of Amazonas in the north of the country because of their banks of several rivers, including the Amazon, according to the Sunday edition of the Segunda.

The cause of the disaster began to heavy rains, do not stop in March. In the 32 cities in the state of emergency was declared, the local authorities have requested assistance from the Government of Brazil.

The most affected city was Benjamin Constant. With a population of about 30 thousand people were evacuated from a 9000 people. According to representatives of the local civil defense, settlement, almost completely filled with water, actually turned into the Brazilian Venice.

Water element destroyed much of the crops grown by local farmers. In some places, the level of the Amazon rose by 9 meters.

The authorities have already pledged financial assistance to the victims in the amount of approximately $ 200 per family. In disaster areas also imported food and medicines and special medical team to take preventive measures to prevent the outbreak of infectious diseases among the population.

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