Before the end of the world there were 6 days and accountant said that derived the formula of the coming apocalypse

Expected December 21 "doomsday" will only happen in 100 years — in 2112, urges resident Romanian city of Iasi, a former accountant, 90-year-old George Gerasimos.

George Gerasim reasoning for its alleged end of the world in 2112 an interesting digital circuit. Day and month of 21.12 is the perfect mirror image of 2112. Further, he makes all the numbers: 21.12 (day and month) — (2 +1 = 3) + (1 +2 = 3) = 3 +3 = 6. Remainder of the year 2112, that is, (2 +1 = 3) + (1 +2 = 3) = 3 +3 = 6. It is these coincidences and give him a reason to believe that the world will end in 100 years — reports TSN citing Evenimentul Zilei.

By the way, recently the head of the Vatican Observatory and a scientific adviser to Pope categorically denied rumors of the approach of the end of the world. 45-year-old father, Jose Funes, ensures that in the next few days, end of the world will not.

According to the priest-scientist scenario December 21 "is not even worth discussing." Objective evidence of the approach of a large-scale disaster, he said, does not exist.

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