Behind the scenes of the Apocalypse

"You do not know how do you know, you just know. This is not arrogance, stating, "I know everything, and others — there is no", and you can not ask someone to believe you. This state is beyond the mind, thoughts or emotions. This knowledge comes only from deep. When I have such knowledge, even my body is vibrating in a certain way. (…)

This knowledge has never failed me, and proved invaluable in paving the road through the incorrect information (thoughts that seemed true, but is not it) and disinformation (deliberately transmitted to mislead), who came from everywhere during my search for the truth about what is really going on behind the veil of public statements and television news. "

David Icke, English writer and public figure — a very famous person. His books, articles and lectures are very familiar to those who care about the questions: "who we are", "why the world is this?" "How to save themselves and survive, following the dictates of conscience?".

Ancient roots

Not long ago, people who believe in a global conspiracy of some forces that desire to completely control the world, felt paranoid, laugh at them. Now, more and more often in the media, and more — in online discussion forums and blogs, this topic comes up and she was laughing, no one calls. Who are these forces and what they want? And most important, and most importantly, how to resist them?
The activities of secret societies such as the Illuminati, "the Bilderberg Club," "Committee of 300" and so on, says a lot, including in our newspaper. About Masonic symbols on the arms and flags of States, on the banknotes (including on our 500 Euro) and in urban planning — as well. Therefore, today we will touch a few other issues.

We start from a distance. According to Ike, who made a careful study of the materials and documents, the roots of the organizations mentioned above, go back to ancient times — in Babylon, and their origins are even earlier — in Lemuria (Mu), Atlantis, and other proto-civilization. Once it was a single state, covering different parts of the Earth, but later due to global catastrophes, it broke into pieces, which became the heirs of ancient knowledge. That is why we can observe similar legends and even architectural structures (such as pyramids or dolmens) at opposite ends of the Earth. But the bulk of knowledge, apparently, settled in Babylon, and, handed down from generation to generation groups dedicated, preserved to our time, which is still not accessible to everyone.

This could be called a visionary, if not a "but." For some reason, most of the unreported archaeological finds, which somehow can shake the picture of the past, which is offered to us in the history books? It would seem, what a difference that the knowledge and technology existed in ancient times, and does change the world, if people find out that the pyramids were not built with primitive arms and slave power, and with far better tools? But, apparently, there is something that we are not under any circumstances be found!

Conspiracy reptiles

The fact that the world is actually controlled by a small group of people who dare to speak out only a few, but feel it myself many, though, alas, their number is steadily declining.

Look around — what happened to the world? Why just in the last fifty years, the poles are reversed morality? Why called black white, and black — white?

David Icke has a very original version of the answer to these questions. He says that in addition to a certain group of people forming a secret world government now (we'll talk about them later), people manipulate the entity from another world or dimension, which is very close to our in the frequency spectrum.

"You can compare this situation with the two radio stations whose frequencies lie so close to the scale, which affect each other. These entities can take many forms, but most essentially a reptile. In more than 40 countries and I have talked with hundreds of people who have seen these creatures from another dimension and is most often described them as reptiles. In previous books, I have emphasized that worldwide there are plenty of folk sources and historical records of the same reptilianskih entities, which are now about telling people. Credo Mutwa, the Zulu shaman, or sansuev calls them Chita Uri — "children of the Snake" or "children of the Python" and talks a lot about them in the movie "Plan Reptiles" from the series "The bridge of love."

All ancient and modern stories mention the ability of these entities "change shape" with a man on the reptile. It sounds unbelievable to most people, but when you realize the illusory nature of the "body", you will be much easier to understand why the change of shape is possible. The body is not "tight", but simply appears so to the five senses, as we shall see later. Body — is vibrating energy field, and the change of appearance is not one of the "dense" species to another, from a reptile man, is to switch between the fields of vibrating energy. Reptiles from another dimension "are" the human body is like a suit and manipulated by people under the cover of the frequency veil. This veil — what we call the electromagnetic spectrum, and even the human eye it can "see" only a small range of …

When we are faced with the families of the Illuminati, such as the British royal family or Bush family, then we are dealing with their appearance, that our five senses can perceive — with men. But behind this mask is a reptile, which vibrates at a different frequency and controls the thought processes and actions of human "component." In short, the human body "owns" the reptile, which is able to hide from our eyes, and people have no idea of who and what really controls. "

Sounds fantastic, does not it? But, nevertheless, evidence of this theory a great many, and, as mentioned above, they go back to antiquity. All cultures have legends of intelligent snakes, lizards and dragons, to communicate with people. Only some people worshiped them (as, for example, the Chinese still worship the dragons), while others believed the product of evil (remember the biblical serpent-tempter as the root cause of all the ills of mankind). According to the Sumerian legends once walked down to the ground Annunaki — reptilopodobnye "gods" from other worlds (dimensions), clashed with the people and became the ancestors of these hybrids royal birth in many countries around the world.

Today we can see the descendants of these mixed marriages on the thrones of Europe and to the presidency, including the United States (that all the presidents of the United States — the son of the royal family of Great Britain also wrote American journalist, a former British intelligence figure John Coleman in his acclaimed book, "The Committee of 300"). Enough detail to trace their genealogy.

But it turns out, according to David Icke, to become a "reptile", do not even have to be a descendant of the kings.

With access to databases of DNA almost all mankind (here comes to the rescue medicine), secret government keeps track of "their" and efforts to promote their careers, helping senior management positions. And other people can only wonder why some, no distinguished lawyer (economist, psychologist, writer, director, etc.) suddenly became popular, well-known and made a quick career?

In the brain, each person has the oldest area, called the reptilian brain, which is responsible for such character traits as coolness, ruthlessness, possessiveness and hierarchy. And, by encouraging these qualities in people with a genetic tendency to them, of such individuals getting excellent support for world government. Not for nothing, all made their way to the heights of wealth and power, talk about breaking character, through which they had to go (that is, they have to step over concepts such as morality, conscience, compassion, altruism).

Objectives and methods

"In the 90 years of the last century, thanks to an invisible support and simultaneous" coincidence ", I began to understand and make public" worldly ways "about the global conspiracy to establish control over the people. Conspiracy led network of secret societies, and related families, known as the Illuminati. This family, who control the government, the banking system, transnational corporations, oil and drug cartels, the world's media, intelligence, police, and even what is taught in schools and universities. All these, and many others, the community as a result, are controlled by the same families, the Illuminati, who are pursuing the same goal: to establish a global tyranny. Their goal — centralized fascist state, led by the world government, central bank, the monetary system and the army that will enslave the population with embedded microchips that are combined into a global computer network and controlled her. Everyone was laughing, when I first described the plan, but now grinning, only those who are not familiar with it or those who do not believe in such … "(David Icke).

As mentioned above, in the books of David Ike says that reptilian entities are on a different frequency of vibration, and for many reasons it is very beneficial to people remained trapped in the prison of the primitive five senses. First, because it is easier to hide from the eyes and make people believe that they themselves — just a figment of someone's morbid imagination. Second, living only in the interests of the body people are themselves on the lower vibrations, that is, for those entities create a supportive environment. Third, people are very easy to manage, playing on their instincts. Thus, the ultimate aim of becoming a global totalitarian regime that power concentrated in the hands of a few people obsessed with these entities, and about a billion slaves (to reduce the world population now thrown a lot of energy — that the use of climate weapons, and chemical and modified products, and "vaccination", weakens the immune system, and even the artificial natural disasters).
The question is why the recent actions of those entities subject to them by individuals so active? David Icke suggests that they are most of all afraid of the spiritual development of people are afraid that they will be able to go beyond the five senses, realize that all of them, all of us — is a unified consciousness — in short, all the things to which a Humanity has been a trend in recent years. A spiritual people out of reach for them and manage them is not possible, because they have no leverage, no fear, and there is something so afraid of these entities — love.

What are their methods? Many authors, including David Icke and the above John Coleman, clearly they are given in his books and lectures.
Important and basic directions for them — to lock people in the physical world, perceived primitive five senses, and set them on low vibration. For it now thrown all means. With the help of the media, as well as pseudo-promoted exclusively carnal pleasure. Under the guise of freedom and "sex education" is imposed fornication, pornography became available. The whole world industry aims to improve material comfort, and the virtues of love, honor, patriotism, loyalty declared anachronisms. The "baby" drinks such as Coca-Cola, added weak doses of drugs.

In this case, the world is constantly supported the uncertainty of people held in confusion and fear of the future. For some, the financial instability, for others it calls various rumors about the "end of the world", "2000 problem" imaginary epidemics and so on.

To manipulate people and their aims and activities of enslavement by the global government Sciences — above all, the economics and psychology (the latter inspires people, that what ever considered vices and sins, in fact — estesvenno needs).

Most people do manage: wealth — a tool of pressure. Deprived him of convenience, to which he used to — and it's ready to great lengths to get everything back as it was.

"… We should not underestimate the impact on the collective psyche of fear and desire of people to get the authorities to" protect "from that fear."

After 9/11 scale tracking was dramatically increased in order to "protect" (control) people. While walking around the city after you turn watch camcorder. Go to the store and you'll see the same thing in the same way as in airports, train stations, and even, as I recently became convinced in some taxis. Taxi prices supervised the recording camera clearly shows where we are, no matter where we are going. If you have a cell phone, your location can be determined to within a few feet, and the same can be done with the help of microchips in cars. Your credit card fixes every purchase and the place where you have done it, and the presence of related databases means that any government agency, and many other non-government, they will find out about your life all the way down to the intimate details. "

An example of mass manipulation of consciousness can be called in the said quotation catastrophe of September 11 in New York. It is made according to the scheme, named David Ike "problem-reaction-solution", and the ultimate goal of it was the war in Iraq to seize control of the world's oil reserves (and, possibly, by some ancient knowledge — is no coincidence that in present-day Iraq, the ancient Babylon) . Was artificially created problem: blow up the building (now there are few who believe that the authors were Arab terrorist suicide bombers). This was followed by a reaction — the country has stirred up a wave of popular hatred of the Muslim world. The result was decided (with the active support of the American people!) — The war in Iraq.

However, this scheme was worked out in the time of the Crusades …

What's next?

True art glorifying the beauty and awaken in them the best qualities of the people, now declared a relic of the past, to be replaced by another from the beginning of the last century has been actively promoted modernism — an ugly distortion of the natural, and then the so called pop culture, at the lowest level promotes all of the same flesh, the body needs.

Popular term "tolerance", which is designed to express tolerance for other beliefs, in fact, was the definition for the infringement of the rights of people with non-distorted morality: that is, gay parades suit is possible, but if someone tried to take a public stand in favor of normal, heterosexual , relationships, it would immediately be accused of insulting sexual minorities.
People with just a zombie: television and print media, food, and various psycho, sects and network marketing.

To establish the total power of the secret government needs full globalization — creating a single army, a single economic system, one religion (by the way, according to the Christian prophecies, will lead this "unified Church" the Antichrist, and that will be the Apocalypse, not the planet Nibiru or "greenhouse effect "). And it is in this direction have already been taken big steps. This creation of the EU, and the pan-European currency, the euro, and the numerous attempts to unite religions (by the way, in this area at the time did much Mikhail Gorbachev).

In addition, all people should be under the constant control of the system. For this purpose were introduced INN (individual tax identification number), e-passports, bank cards, and in the near future — the implantation of microchips («RFID-chips") under the skin of the hand or forehead ("… to receive a mark in their right hand or on their forehead. And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name … "Revelation, chapter 13, verses 16-18).

Ike in his lectures, "Going Beyond" and "The Road to Freedom," says that the service possessed reptilian entities is secret government and healthcare. It diligently pursuing alternative medicine (folk, East, etc.), covering the whole world and not leaving people a choice. By the way, is very interesting emblem of medicine — the snake (reptiliya!) entwine the cup and bowl, as you know, is a symbol of mourning, death and sacrifice (not for nothing character bowls are often used in gravestones and memorials). You do not want to trust their lives and health organization with a logo, right?
Brings to mind the famous doctrine of Allan Dulles, the CIA director, made in 1945 (by the way, is very significant — recently started the rumor that it was a fake). It was the plan of the moral collapse of Russia, is now applied to the entire rest of the world:

"We'll take everything we have, all gold, all material power and resources to stultification and fooling people.

The human brain, consciousness of people are capable of change. Sowing chaos in Russia, we are quietly replacing them on false values and make them into these false values to believe … We'll find like-minded people, his aides and allies in Russia. Episode by episode will play out a grand in scale tragedy of the death of the rebellious people on earth, the final irreversible extinction of his self-consciousness …

Of literature and art, we, for example, gradually root out their social nature, alienated artists Otobaya they engage in hunting image, investigation (research), whether that of the processes that occur in the depths of the masses.

Literature, theater, cinema, the press — all will portray and glorify the basest human emotions, we will do our best to support and raise the so-called artists who will enforce and grind into the human consciousness cult of sex, violence, sadism, betrayal — in short, of all immorality.

In government we will create chaos and confusion, quietly but actively and continuously will promote tyranny of officials, graft, unscrupulousness, bureaucracy and red tape was elevated to a virtue. Honesty and integrity will scoff — they will not need anyone, will become a relic of the past. Rudeness and arrogance, lies and deceit, drunkenness and drug abuse, animal fear each other and shameless betrayal, nationalism and hostility peoples, especially hostility and hatred for the Russian people — all we deftly and quietly cultivated, all double flowers bloom .
Only a few, a very few will understand or even understand what is happening. But the people we put in a helpless situation, turn to ridicule, will find a way to slander them and declare the dregs of society …
We will shatter, so generation after generation … We will fight for the people in childhood, adolescence, we will always do the main rate for young people, we begin to disintegrate, corrupt, defile it. "

And indeed, people, culture, people, who are now daring to go against the system, who can see the truth and not to be a zombie, now ridiculed, entangles the web of lies and slander.

What to do?

About many things written and David Icke, and John Coleman, and other authors, they do not have only one thing — how to confront everything described above (which is why their books and publish). And, suddenly, we need to talk to you, find out for yourself.
Is afraid of a group of people who claim the title of world government, they fear they control the entity? And they fear that will not be able to maintain their power over us that they will not be able to inspire people with fear and dependence on material goods. That is why, making revolution in Russia in 1917, these people (Masons illyumitany, "Committee of 300" — call them what you will), first destroyed the Orthodox Church. The same thing they were doing with all the other religions, declaring them "obscurantism", "prison for the soul", "thing of the past."

August 15, 1871 in Charleston headquarters of Freemasonry to the "Supreme Council of the World" from "Eleven Greatest Lamps" led by "Patriarch" by the Masonic "revelation" — the book "western" — was made a deliberate, documented plan to combat global Religion: Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Orthodox Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. (It is significant that of the six religions only Orthodox Faith, subject to the right of worship, was found to be unsuitable for the invisible "recycling" in Luciferianism).
Religious people are offered instead of a pseudo teachings and sects that promote the same bodily pleasure, but in a veiled form. Such teachings promise people different: wealth, peace of mind, physical health, the resolution of some problems in life, but never say anything about the salvation of the soul, or of compassion, or the love of God.
Another substitute for religion, and in particular of concepts that exist in all religions, sin and repentance, became a psychologist, and so popular now, visits to a shrink became a parody of the Christian confession.

Religions themselves are now trying to replace the numerous sects or attributes (the ornaments in the form of religious symbols — crosses, crescents, signs the "yin-yang", etc.), making people forget that the true faith in a bright wrapper, and in the heart.

Sincerely, soul believer, the spiritual man is not subject to fear, and therefore they can not be manipulated. In addition, spirituality gives people a moral core, these people can not be distorted for propaganda value.

So, the main ways to deal with the impending apocalypse — our faith is the ability to distinguish the genuine from the fact that we are trying to impose, and above all — the ability to see the world with my own eyes. And then we do not be afraid.

Author: Catherine Gurskaya
Source: The Secret Doctrine

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

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