Belarusian delegation to Euronest will not

The Constituent Assembly will be held without Euronest delegation of Belarus in March or April. ERB about it the head of the delegation of the European Parliament in EURONEST Christian Vigenin. According to him, the European Parliament agreed to start work without Belarus, and there is no reason to delay.

Vigenin"All efforts to ensure the full participation of Belarus were completely crossed the Belarusian authorities in the primary election day on December 19 and their subsequent actions. So Belarus itself excluded from the process. In light of the events in the southern Mediterranean has a majority in the European Parliament, which would have advocated the participation of the totalitarian inherently mode.
And our partners from other parliaments understand that in such a situation can no longer protect the full participation of Belarus in the Parliamentary Assembly. Now they are ready to start without Belarus.

The arduous process of negotiations with our partners, lasted more than a year. We have adopted a working solution that can not be replaced by the opposition members of parliament and civil society. "

Yesterday, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Victor Guminsky said that the Belarusian Parliament will defend the right to participate in the full-length Euronest. In his final decision on who will be taking part in the first meeting of Euronest, is still pending. "This work without parliamentary delegation Belarus will defective "- expressed confidence Victor Guminsky.

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