Belarusian NPP again — protesting now — subsided

At the Minsk Forum "ATOMEXPO 2011" announced that an agreement with Russia for a loan for the construction of nuclear power plants can be signed at the March 15 meeting of the so-called Union Council of Ministers.

According to official projections, the fall in the Ostrovetskaya site will begin to dig the basin for the future station, and now is preparing infrastructure — fed railway and highway. Meanwhile social movement against the construction of nuclear power plants, which actively began to unfold a few years ago is now an example.

The Belarusian side has not only Russians to finance construction of the plant itself, but also the infrastructure. The company "ASE", which advocates a general contractor until the claim just about ready to start unit: the first in 2017, the second — in 2018. Moreover, the financial aspect of the matter has not been disclosed.

Ostrovetskiy activist against the construction of nuclear power plants Nicholas Ulasevich confirms that the construction site is actually ready:

"This is not the first time they say that since September there will something to dig. Land, indeed, dub, cars carrying it back and forth. And the court, it must be said, in a high state of readiness in order to work on it already . This clearly. "

Reporter: "Local communities, which once actively resented gradually subsided. Accustomed to despair?".

"I will say this: the public Ostrovetskaya is the same as in any place in Belarus. It is mostly indifferent. Simply does not believe that it is possible in any way affect the decision of the authorities. Yet the Soviet government raised the people in this way: that they decided — so be it. So in this sense the people, of course, and conduct themselves accordingly. Though they do not agree with the option of building nuclear power plants, and almost all (if not all) believe that there are no local jobs are not get, that, in fact, it will be the object where the Vikings will build, etc. And besides trouble (though it delayed in time) of the project do no good for the locals. As for Belarus as a whole. "

But an expert in the field of nuclear energy, Ph.D. Yuri Voronezhtsev convinced that the next wave of speculation over nuclear power — advertising and political campaign that is not supported financially:

"I'm shy in the sense that the construction will be completed, and an optimist is that Belarus will remain nuclear-free. I do not know where will the money. Russian budget has been approved and calculated — they have a no, but Parliament is. And where will the funds for a loan — it is not clear to me. On the other hand, it is unclear why Russia, which has already started to build the Kaliningrad nuclear power plant near by another competitor, which it will create with their own hands. From the information that is contained in the official media, it is difficult to figure out what's going on. But I called Russian friends, and I assure that negotiations are not in the stage to Russia took the money and laid out for the project. "

Minsk has prepared a request to the target credit of $ 9 billion. In Moscow, they say that now over this amount do the experts of the Ministry of Finance of Russia. But is not the first time the Russian side is studying the situation with a credit line facility. Last year, the talks at an impasse, after which Alexander Lukashenko ordered the government to seek new investors.

One of the experienced professionals in the field of nuclear technology, Professor George Lepine, believes that Moscow deliberately slows down the process. On the one hand, the Russian did not want to build nuclear power plant in Belarus, the French, the Americans and the Chinese, on the other — have been slow, because they have to invest in a major project in their territory — the Baltic NPP:

"Speaking objectively, I do not believe in the possibility of building a reactor in Belarus. Suppose it will give us even. We have nothing in including builders. Simple, ordinary construction workers have to enter somewhere. Not only the engineering staff, but also ordinary builders. Because the very structure of the building the nuclear power plant is extremely complicated. It is far more complex than the design of thermal stations. Therefore, it is also unreal moment. Recruit workers from outside — that is, they have to pay more than the pay there should be much interested. That is, it turns out: where to throw — all fail. In addition, so far as I know, there is no decree that would confirm the choice of this site. And if not, then this site can be considered an illegal ".

The fact that the place chosen for the nuclear power plant failure, referred to as local activists, who can resist a building, and international experts. In addition to being affected by the peaceful atom is extremely important to maintain the ecological balance Narochansky region, the countries bordering Belarus (except for Russia), questioned the byaspechnastsi this neighborhood.



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