Biologists have described a new type of giant flying frog

 A new species of fly, frog or copepods (Rhacophorus), which was named a tree frog Helen (Rhacophorus helenae), described biologist Jodi Rowley (Jodi Rowley) of the Australian Museum, together with colleagues from Vietnam, Reuters reported.

Despite the fact that the frog was first discovered Rowley less than a hundred kilometers away from one of the busiest cities in Vietnam — Ho Chi Minh City, in May 2009, until recently, this amphibian was not described as a separate species.

"Usually, in order to find a new species of frogs, I had to climb into the mountains, climbing under a waterfall and wade through the thick and prickly vegetation of tropical forests. And then suddenly on a log next to the footpath sat this huge green flying frog" — quoted as saying Rowley.

This amphibian has rather large size: males can reach a length of 8.5 centimeters, while females — nine, green back and white belly.

According to the report, only two known habitats of amphibians in the world, who are in Vietnam, 30 kilometers from each other and surrounded by farmland. Therefore, the destruction and depletion of natural habitat, as well as the isolation of populations threaten the preservation of the species.

The new species was named after the mother of Rowley — Helen.

"I thought it was time to show her (the mother — Ed.), How much I appreciate all she has done for me," — said Rowley.

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