Biologists will drop to Guam poisoned mice to reduce the population of snakes

American biologists this spring will be delivered to the island of Guam poisoned food for snakes — dead mice to reduce the population of reptiles that threaten the ecosystem of the island, said on Saturday, Reuters reported.

In recent years, the spread of snakes on the Pacific island, in particular, the type of brown boyga has acquired alarming proportions. According to scientists, because of the reptiles, which in Guam have no natural predators, native birds are threatened with extinction. Scientists fear that snakes from Guam will spread to other islands, particularly in Hawaii, which are from Guam to more than 6.4 thousand kilometers. The distance in this case does not matter, because, for example, Brown boyga "arrived" on Guam in the 40's of the 20th century in the American warship.

Poisoned dead newborn mice scattered from helicopters. Will be introduced into mice a drug that is toxic to reptiles. "It is an analgesic acetaminophen, which is lethal to snakes, but is safe for most other animals," — said William Pitt, a biologist at the Natural Research Center of Hawaii at the Ministry of Agriculture.

According to him, the entire island will be reset to about 2 thousand mice to operations is the destruction of all snakes, and controlling their populations. The operation will be conducted in March and April, the mice will be scattered over the jungle, where most snakes. The operation will start from the territory of a U.S. military base, "Anderson."

Guam is located in the western part of the Pacific Ocean in the Mariana Islands archipelago, is part of the U.S., but its people have no right to vote in national elections. The third part of the island is the U.S. military base.

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