Blagoveshchensk is the first Russian city to tornado survivors

Blagoveshchensk is the first city in Russia, survived a tornado.
"This is the first known case of a tornado out on the town in Russia," — "Interfax", said the deputy director of Hydrometeorology Gennady Eliseev. In the 80 years of the tornado passed near Ivanovo, and about a year ago — to the north of Moscow.

According to Eliseev, Blagoveshchensk tornado was impossible to predict. "Scientific knowledge and information in order to predict a tornado, we do not have. Even very advanced meteorology U.S., where it is very common — up to 1,000 a year — they did not have," — he said.

He noted that Russia's tornadoes — a very rare occurrence, and its nature is not completely clear. "The lifetime of a tornado is calculated by minutes, tens of minutes. The powerful storm clouds formed vortex is not a horizontal axis, as most often, vertical drop to the ground and causing serious damage. Its diameter can reach hundreds of meters, and it is a few kilometers — tens of kilometers, "- said Elisha.

On Sunday, a tornado struck Blagoveshchensk. Element that raged for 15 minutes, left without electricity for more than 10 thousand people. Were torn and pokorezheny about 150 trees, 50 transmission towers, wind-gusts demolished and damaged roofs 15 apartment buildings and a dozen other buildings destroyed or damaged 70 commercial pavilions. Damaged more than 300 vehicles.

As a result, injured 28 people, four are in the hospital. One man died of his injuries.

Now life in normalized streets cleared of debris, traffic resumed trolley, ITAR-TASS reported. But the restoration work will continue for several days. Damage from a tornado, according to preliminary data, could reach 80 million rubles.


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