Bogdanovich: The devaluation of overdue — we are living beyond our means

Selling rate of the dollar in exchange offices of almost all Belarusian banks on March 9 was the same — 3075 rubles. This — the maximum allowed by the National Bank selling rate. However, rumors about the devaluation of the Belarusian ruble, which actively disseminated to pachatkuk of March, did not materialize.

Only in the collapse of the ruble in Belarus this year waited twice: January 1 and March 9. The rumors about the devaluation of the Belarusian ruble provoked an increased demand for the U.S. currency, but its lack of banks did not happen, says head of one of the branches "BBK":

"People come to consult, someone makes a decision and takes the money from the ruble to the currency account. But such a stir as it was two years ago, it is not. And I have not heard of this, that banks somewhere there was a problem with the currency. "

In turn, Belarusian citizens claim that the small (compared to December last year), the demand for dollars due to the lack of people of Belarusian rubles to buy the currency. I talk with visitors to the bank:

Reporter"Are you afraid of the appreciation of the dollar?"

Mrs."No, I have little money, so do not fear."

Mr."No, do not fear, because we have already seen so much, that does not scare me."

Mrs."We have some money — we do not pay the currency and we have nothing to fear, and rejoice."

Mr."Of course, all this is frustrating because we depend on it. My wife gets the money in dollars, and we are, in principle, it is convenient. But I know that a lot of people have foreign currency loans and get the money Belarusian rubles, and all this, of course, very bad. "

Rumors of a possible devaluation of the Belarusian ruble has affected, in particular, and the sharp drop in its value: since the beginning of the year it fell on the "basket of currencies" by 4.65%, while for the full year allowed 8%. However, the deputy head of the council to the National Bank Michael Zhuravovich argues that the National Bank to devalue the Belarusian ruble has no plans to:

"The National Bank does not plan to do if the dollar will rise in the international market, then it will go up and we have — and vice versa. We adhere to international best practice. "

Stanislav Bogdanovich

However unutryekanamichnae position of Belarus creates conditions for the devaluation of the Belarusian ruble. First of all, this is a negative balance of foreign trade, said the former chairman of the National Bank Stanislav Bogdanovich:

"We have a bad trade balance — imports exceed exports by $ 10 billion. This money must be found somewhere: take the loan, sell the property to pay for these imports. In order to balance the market, one of the instruments — currency devaluation. Therefore, devaluation really overdue. Can be delayed for some time not to, even a year, but it should be. We are now living beyond their means — almost 10 billion guzzle more than produce and sell. "

Meanwhile, on March 1, 2011 decision of the Government and the National Bank introduced restrictions on the foreign exchange market: not allowed to buy foreign currency for import in excess of 50,000 euros. It has already caused concern to many importers — particularly Russian.


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