BP has agreed to reduce the penalty for the accident in the Gulf of Mexico

Britain's BP has agreed with the U.S. authorities did not consider 810,000 barrels of oil in the calculation of the fine for the accident in the Gulf of Mexico, which reduces the size of sanctions on $ 3.4 billion, reported Bloomberg.

This oil has been collected and will not get into the environment, according to the decision of the judges of Charles Barbier (Carl Barbier) in New Orleans. "BP and the U.S. agree that the 810,000 barrels of oil should not be included in the calculation of the maximum penalty provided by law," — he said.

In accordance with the U.S. Clean Water Act, the company will pay $ 1.1 thousand to 4.3 thousand dollars per barrel vylivsheysya the accident of oil, the amount of the fine depends on several factors, including the fact whether proven that rough negligence on the part of BP. Thus, today's agreement reduces the size of the maximum fine that can pay a company with 21 billion dollars to 17.6 billion dollars.

The trial of the accident in the Gulf of Mexico, which occurred in April 2010, will begin on February 25 in New Orleans. BP said Tuesday that they are preparing to defend their interests in the federal complaint, State, and private complaints. Earlier Financial Timessoobschala that costs the company to resolve the consequences of the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010, could exceed $ 90 billion. In addition to the actions of the federal government, U.S. states and municipalities have presented the company claims totaling $ 34 billion, while BP believes this figure is considerably overstated.

Last spring, BP has reached a definitive agreement with a committee of the plaintiffs in the case of which occurred in April 2010, an accident in the Gulf of Mexico, the cost of the settlement is estimated at 8.5 billion dollars. In November, the company reached an agreement with U.S. authorities on the settlement of all claims of the authorities and paying record fines totaling more than $ 4.5 billion over five years.

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