Buddha as an incarnation of God, and his mission

Despite the fact that the Buddha rejected the authority of the Vedas and the idea of God, he was the incarnation of God who came to earth with a very specific mission.

While most people were atheists and carnivores, justifying the sacrifice of animals and eating their meat recommendations sacred Vedic scriptures. They held these slaughterhouses under pretext of fulfilling the requirements of the Vedas, although there is no other requirement is not fulfilled, because they did not believe in God.

Seeing the ungodly, and out of compassion for animals, the Buddha preached non-violence, and this was his mission. He called to stop the mass killing of animals, because it is very harmful to the psyche of the people.

In order to convince people that he had to completely reject the authority of the Vedas, including the idea of God as the Supreme Person. Buddha did artfully and intelligently as circumstances demanded, because the principle of non-violence — is the first step on the path to God realization. As long as people kill animals to eat their meat and commit other forms of violence, they have no chance to know God.

The authority of the Buddha (as he was enlightened and was voted the greatest sages) had an impact on the people began to worship him as God himself (Buddhism exists to this day), so it was a very successful mission. He introduced the principle of non-violence, and gave people the opportunity to return to God by worshiping him (Buddha).

Since the Buddha was an incarnation of God Himself, worship Buddha equated the worship of God. However, in some branches of Hinduism and other religions in this respect other opinions.

Source: Srimad Bhagavatam (3.1.24)

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