Buryatia authorities increased funding for the destruction of wolves

Buryatia authorities have decided this year to increase the remuneration hunters harvested wolves from 2.7 million rubles to four million rubles, as intended from the beginning, the funds have been completed, and the number of predators is high, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday Burprirodnadzora representative.

Since 2008, out of the national budget annually allocates an average of 2.7 million rubles to pay compensation for the extraction of wolves. If in 2006, hunters produced about 100 wolves and predators reached four thousand individuals, in 2011, began to destroy more than 500, and the beginning of 2012 the population was about 2.5 thousand individuals. The maximum amount of compensation from the state budget for the extraction of the wolf in Buryatia is about five thousand. Motivate hunters and county government — a number of districts decided to pay extra for another predator produced five thousand.

"Incentives work — the number of wolves that hunters killed increases. YTD mined predator 641, 100 more than in all of 2011. However, the damage is great: Predator Hunting damage, kill livestock. As of early 2012 Wolves were about 2.5 thousand. Acceptable number of predators, which, of course, "Sanitation of the forest" — no more than 500-600 individuals, "- said the source.

Last year, the damage caused by wolves and Hunting Agriculture of the Republic, was 27 million rubles. A few years ago, after the 2005 ban was imposed on the use of poison, the amount of loss was many times more. Indeed, the annual demand wolf meat diet is 500-800 pounds, as he said.

According to the source, effectively and encourages hunters volchatnikov, dobyvshih two wolves and more, the authorization for an extraordinary production of hoofed animals in the hunting season.

"People extract and report wolf. Previously shot and lazy to peel the skin. And now people are focused, to get permission to hunt for deer, elk, moose, bear, extract, report," — he said.

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