Capital inflows into Russian funds!

For the last 2.5 months of past trends in outflow of capital from the Russian fund, which had a negative impact on the economy. But last week there was a small increase in capital inflows, which amounted to $ 51 million compared to 42 at the beginning of the week. Certain funds invest in stocks of Russia.

Since the beginning of the year to 11 July inflow of money invested in the Russian campaign was about 787 million dollars. According to the survey, "Uralsib Capital", the tide of money is small, but this is the first week since the beginning of the year, when seen positive growth of capital, and this may give rise to further growth, and to stop the continuous outflow of capital.

Even so, analysts expect next week more volatile stock market, due to unclear situation and the absence of express trenda.Tak investors tend to believe that the fall of the promising markets in the second quarter of 2012, was very large.

Also, it is believed that the action of the Russian Federation is very underrated in its class, and at the end of last week, investors again began to focus on the Russian securities market. This means that the market returned traditional long-term funds.

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