Careful, the doors of Europe are closed!

Another nine European countries closed their borders for a group of Belarusian officials responsible for violation of democratic standards in the presidential elections of 19 December 2010 and for the persecution of the opposition and civil society. This — Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Islyandyya (candidates to the European Union), Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia (potential candidates for EU), Liechtenstein and Norway (members of the European Economic Area). They joined the EU sanctions against the Belarusian regime.

Nine European countries outside the European Union, have declared that they share the restrictive measures against certain officials of Belarus. Each of them is guaranteed — it will meet national policy decision of the European Union.
Of the nine countries mentioned embassy in Minsk has only Serbs. First Counselor of the Embassy Mr. Zhurychanich said, "Freedom", which is not yet ready to comment on the news:
"The information I read this morning. And there is nothing more to this topic I do not know. "
A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Andrei Savinykh at the request of "Freedom" to comment on the decision of "Nine" replied
"The position of Belarus this issue already discussed earlier. There was a statement when they decided on the level of the Council of the European Union. "
The statement, in particular, it was argued that the EU allegedly creates "artificial barriers at the level of interstate cooperation." The Belarusian side has also stated that he had to go "for adequate and proportionate measures."
Belarusian political analyst Vyacheslav Pozniak draws attention to the fact that his decision to join the visa ban all nine countries announced simultaneously. It's no coincidence, says political scientist:
"It's about those European countries, most of which seeks to enter the European Union. They are in contact with each other. And this is where they can show solidarity in values, in the approach to violations of democratic norms and human rights. And also show that they are guided by other than Belarus, values — those that fall into the European Union. These values need to be protected. "
Among those Belarusian officials, before which closed nine more state boundaries — and the secretary of the Central Election Commission Nikolai Lozovik. Commenting on the decision to "freedom", he said:
"I appreciate how these sanctions is ill-conceived, irrational, and, most importantly, are unfounded. During the presidential election campaign, the Central Election Commission and election officials have initiated the democratization of the electoral process. All presidential candidates were free to collect signatures, very democratically passed the registration of candidates and election campaign .
And thanks for all of this — the election officials were on the list of banned. I do not see any logic. I have it is surprising large disturbance. In its time I burst out in a fit of emotion word — evradebilizm. Today I have two thick strokes emphasize this statement. This is the real debilizm officials who took the decision. "
January 31 this year, the European Union imposed sanctions — visa bans and asset freezes — against a group of Belarusian officials responsible for violation of democratic standards in the presidential elections of December 19, 2010 but for the persecution of the opposition and civil society. At the same time the sanctions imposed and the United States. February 22, there are sanctions that are imposed Switzerland.

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