Cattle complex opened in Bogorodskoe district of Nizhny Novgorod region

In the village Solonskoe Bogorodskii district inaugurated the first stage of breeding complex for 408 head of cattle, currently under construction on the basis of "MIR".

The complex, designed in 1000 for the whole head, will be one of the largest and most high-tech livestock facilities in the region.

The total cost of the new livestock complex is 166 million rubles, part of which will be paid by the Government of the Nizhny Novgorod region in the framework of subsidizing the interest rate on the loan, as well as the regional program of subsidizing sales of own production (3 rubles per kg sold milk).

 The side openings barns and delivery room curtains closed circuit with the "climate control" (installed wind sensors, rain and temperature). The animals will have access to drinkers that are automatically filled with water and heated to special auto brush comb that cows can clean up their own. For the first time in the field on a farm milking parlor set of "Christmas tree" with a quick release and a simultaneous milking 40 head. Milking parlor has additional features: podgonschik cows, breeding goal, continuous scales, bath for hoof trimming. Milking animal is made with the latest four-chamber milking machines — the first in the world.

"For the Nizhny Novgorod region is strategically important new construction of large livestock farms. Emphasize here the word" new. "For us, the complete transition to the new building should be next year a priority. Over the past two years, together with the reconstructed premises, we launched 286 livestock farms in 200 villages of the region. This is a new technology in rural areas, and, therefore, systematic preparation for Russia's entry into the WTO, "- said the Minister of Agriculture and Food Supply of the Nizhny Novgorod oblastiAleksey Morozov.

Bogorodskiy district is today a powerful platform of the regional construction of livestock facilities with the use of new technologies. This, for example, indoor lighting LED lamps that used in barns is not implemented; floors, containing silicone, more hygienic and safe for the animals.

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