Chand Baori — The pyramid inside out


In the VIII century India was built by one of the largest and most mysterious wells in the world.

Is a strange construction Abaneri in a small town in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Locals call it the Chand Baori. This is one of the deepest step wells in India. Today, researchers have not determined why it was built as a complex stone structure, because to get water from a depth possible and easier, and Chand Baori is more like not well, and the palace.

It has a square shape and is surrounded by terraced compound, with the entrance on the north side. On the southern, eastern and western sides of each tier of the double rows of carved steps. On the north side steps lead to a multi-storey pavilions in the back of the building.

In two special niches you can find images of the goddess Durga and Lord Ganesha. And the surviving fragments of sculptures and murals covering the walls and vaults of galleries, it can be assumed that the main patron of Chand Baori — the god Vishnu.

The giant stone crater of this magnificent building has 13 storeys connected by a 3,500 stone steps. There are versions that this design helped to collect rain water in the well, and on the stone terraces and steps residents found shelter in the hot days, because the air temperature in the well is always 5-6 degrees lower than on the surface.

Legend has it that Chand Baori built in one night by the name of Raja Chand, a demon Chahmana Rajput dynasty, which ruled the ancient city Abbha-Nagari (or Abaneri) in VTII-IX centuries BC

Is this true? Looking at this building, it's hard to get rid of the idea that without the intervention of higher powers there has not been. Maybe this is one of the most mysterious scattered planet Pyramids? Just turned inside out and thus hidden from the descendants of the ancient civilization of the mighty. Who knows …

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