Change of eras. Transition or end of the world?

The transition from epoch to epoch.

Transitions from epoch to epoch of Earth has already been through more than once.

We know that the Earth is not only moves around the sun, but also rotates around its own axis. This axis, in turn, is slowly moving in a circular cone (describing the funnel), completing one rotation for 25920 years. This movement of the axis of rotation of the Earth on a circular cone is called precession. At the same end of the shaft passes through the 12 constellations of the zodiac.
Figuratively speaking, the axis of rotation of the planet, as the hour hand, runs around invisible heavenly face, on which are written the names of numbers instead of the signs of the zodiac, and makes a full rotation every 25,920 years. A "space time" equals 2,160 Earth years. After each such "hour" Earth goes into another zodiacal constellation. Here is the "hour" stay in one of the Earth and the constellation called the epoch.

It turns out that there are "female" and "male" era. They alternate. [1]
For "female" epochs characterized contemplation, passive perception of the world and attempts to join (fusion) at different levels. During these periods, mankind feels the world as a reality and trying not to alter it, and to understand and adapt. The first such an epoch in the life of mankind was the age of Gemini (VII-V century BC) It was at this "feminine" era revealed a timid attempt to bring people together. The result — a huge leap in human life: there was the first script (about 6 thousand years BC), allows you to communicate at a distance, save and combine knowledge.

In place of the "women's" era of synthesis, come the "male" — the era of the analysis. They are characterized by the desire to actively influence the world around us: to destroy, break down, rebuild it. This era is best characterized by the prefix "time races"-section, decay, split, decay, destruction, defeat, divorce, etc. This was the "male" era "earthly" Taurus (V-III millennium BC), which marked the end of the Stone Age. It was the age of the primary development of nature, when humanity, crushing rocks and extracting metals from ore, learn to create the means of production. Vsparyvaya plow the land, destroying and burning the surface layer, it created the industry of agriculture.

Following the "female" era was the "age of Aries (III — I millennium BC) is characterized by an attempt to synthesise. Mathematics and poetry, astronomy, medicine, art, and religion — all perceived as something whole and united by a single concept — a philosophy.

About two thousand years ago the "men's era", the era of Pisces.
At the sign of the zodiac depicted two fish swimming in opposite directions, symbolizing the division and confrontation. The fish was even a symbol of Jesus Christ, and the Greek name of the fish "ihtis" were deciphered as "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior." Image of fish and today can be found in Christian churches.

In the age of Pisces, the age division, philosophy split into its component parts. For tens of centuries, people have forgotten about the harmonious unity of body, soul and spirit. Knowledge of the "body" (the visible world around) to do science. Reflection of "the soul" (emotional world) — the art, the world of the "spirit" (subtle worlds) — religion. This "division of responsibilities" for two thousand years has helped to accumulate vast experience and vast amounts of information. But at what price?

Science, art and religion has long feuded openly with each other. Absolutely soulless and spiritless science has reached a high perfection in the ability to disrupt and destroy. The highest achievement, the most advanced technology there are exactly in the military sphere, and are associated with the development of the destruction of mankind. God created the world and man is doing everything to destroy it! And the age of Pisces was the apotheosis of the splitting of the atom, and this is an invasion of other dimensions and worlds.

But perhaps the worst thing happened to the expansion of a person to concentrate all its efforts on achieving comfort and well-being, forgetting about the spiritual side of his nature. Soullessness corrupts not only rights, but also the state.
Under the influence is soulless science in society formed a system of values, which are given priority in the "race for wealth." Already nothing is sacred, everything is possible, everything is allowed in order to achieve their goal. The goal is usually the same: all costs attain the bliss of life, success is above all.

And no wonder. If the real "God" — the money, is it worth it to comply with dignity, honesty, integrity? And if there is no God, then everything is permitted.

So writes Sc.D. S. Speranski 'is growing universal frenzy … Recently down and feathers are flying from the moral prohibitions that somehow still cemented society. "
What have we come? Live without a goal in their heads, and without God in their souls!

All are noisy, bustling, grimace
Hurt and offended.
And did not understand one thing:
For what?

Doctor of Philosophy A. Sagatovsky

In his Nobel speech AI Solzhenitsyn called the main cause of all the ills of humanity: "God forgot."
I must say that the end of the age of Pisces gave mankind a surprise: the intensive division of people on spiritual grounds. There is quite a reasonable hypothesis that human energy is directly related to its spiritual qualities. Until now, the basis of our world were "water" quality of consciousness coming from the sensory-emotional development and caused the animal nature of man. For many people, the cosmic energy of Pisces, which is dominated by the energy of decay and destruction, were the main source of life. But this source is gradually running out. Hence low immunity and as a result, disease and premature death. Victory march on the planet "disease of the century": cancer, AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome, Ebola etc. And medicine, despite all efforts, can not cope with them.

This is confirmed by the recently made a discovery: the usual, customary viruses have recently become extremely aggressive. The reason — the "violation of trace elements in the soil due to changes in the situation of space" [1]. From lack of food bacteria and viruses (and people) become aggressive and dangerous. Out of control, even tuberculosis, which, apparently, was successfully defeated.

And first of all diseases affect people nizkoduhovnyh (not to be confused with nizkoobrazovannymi), because that's what they now do not have enough energy.

At the same time, there are people who are not afraid of these diseases. These people protect their high spirituality. Energy of Aquarius, the main character who is the chief features of the Spirit — love, compassion, self-sacrifice, etc., for them it is quite "native", and that they are fueled by now.

It seems that the world began "cleansing". "Is not this, as described in the Bible (the Gospel of Matthew. 13:30):" At the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather up first of all, the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them, but gather the wheat into my barn? "
A change of eras leaves the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius begins. Such a change does not happen in one day and finished it in 2012.

Cosmic cycles.

However, in 2012, completed not only a transition from one era to another, but five hundred cycle, which is well studied by experts and is associated by some scholars with a parade of planets.

Once in about 480-500 years, the Solar system planets line up on one side of our star, causing stack their impact on Earth. And every time this event marks a turning point in human development. Last parade of planets a few years, but over the years accumulated released in humanity hidden forces, and seemed "programmed" the fate of our civilization for the next five hundred years.

Over the last two thousand years, this turning point "programming" point was the parade of planets at the time of the birth of Jesus Christ, in the early days of Pisces. It was then laid the spiritual foundation of the forthcoming era: there is a new religion, Christianity.
Laws of the Cosmos is divided into four cycles of any period: nucleation (Spring Morning) — maturation (summer, day) — maturity (fall, evening) — loss (winter night). Age of Pisces is also divided into four periods.
Lasted five centuries of "spring" of Christianity. The second parade of planets completed her sunset the old pagan world: in 476 the Western Roman Empire fell.

There was a "summer" quincentenary. Another parade of planets coincided with the baptism of Rus (988g.) and the anticipated division of the Christian religion in the Catholic and Orthodox branches (1054g.).
Five centuries have passed and "Autumn" has borne fruit: the Eastern Roman Empire collapsed (1453g.) were discovered America (1492g.) and southern route to India (1497g.). During these years, Russia for the first time united around Moscow in a centralized state. Came the flowering of the Renaissance and Reformation. Revolutionary discoveries of Copernicus, Bruno, Galileo, stunned and brought confusion in the minds of Europeans turned out that the Earth revolves around the sun and the universe is infinite!

And then came the "winter" — a new quincentenary accompanied the victorious march of science and … atheism. The end of the spiritual "winter", as always, over the next parade of planets (2012), and in the same year completed another five hundred cosmic cycle.
The universe that we cooked in quincentenary new spring? How it quincentenary will be combined with an era of Aquarius? And the other cycles, as unconventional sources claim that there are longer cycles, which also completed … when do you think? — In 2012.

So, like the earth, which the year revolves around the Sun, the Sun for 26 thousand years makes orbit around Alcyone, the central shining star system Pleiades, of which we are a part. Pleiades, in turn, revolve around the galactic center, making one revolution in 230 million years. The galaxy itself is rushing through the huge space of the spiral. After completing a full rotation in many billions of years old, she, along with her and we are moving to a new round of evolutionary spiral.
"The Evolution of Space is eternal, for everything is in motion and in accordance with the spiral of evolution". [2]
The uniqueness of the moment that we, humanity, are experiencing today is the fact that it was in late 2012, simultaneously completed the transition of our planet in the new era of Aquarius, five hundred cycles and three cycles of evolution (solar, and galactic pleyadny) [1].

And all this, as we predict soothsayers, our planet will enter the photon belt, or in the light of the galactic beam, and near the Earth will Nibiru. But it turns out, there's more!

The fact of: December 21, 2012 will be a parade, not only of the planets and the planets of other star systems of the galaxy. And this is something new! Are there too many "ends" and "parade" for poor humanity?

Let's fantasize a bit and imagine a grand cosmic clock whose hour hand, which is a line lined up for the parade of planets solar systems galaxies, suitable for 12 hours. A minute hand, which is a line lined the parade of planets, that's about to coincide with it. Signed coincidence! It will be 12 noon or night? What happens when you fight hours? Do not become a ball dress in rags, and the horses in the mice? And we will transform anyone, people? [3].

Probably, this fact does not mean anything, but maybe this is a turning point not only in the development of mankind, but also in the development of the universe!

"The fact that you have to go, to come out of your views on the Eternity, and, above all, because the scale of evolutionary change of the whole, and repeat whole, including humanity, will be very significant". [2]

Come soon. Only now why wait?

And if humanity has any information about the planet's transition from one era to another, the statistics of what the solar cycle is accompanied by a change of the system, the system of the Pleiades, and even more so of the galaxy does not exist. One can only assume that we, humanity, expect some to say the least, fundamental changes.
But what? What's in store for us, the people, the notorious 2012: transition or the end of the world? Does science answer to this question?

Tatiana and Vitaly Tikhoplav

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