Chelyabinsk is experiencing an invasion of dragonflies

Serolyutka Siberian small - only 4.5 cm But living longer all the other fellows.This fall, the citizens have repeatedly reported on the mass biologists "invasion" of dragonflies. Size they are small, like an arrow, but it is very aggressively trying to penetrate the high-rise window. What draws them to the people? This we ask Cand.Biol.Sci Chelyabinsk Eugene Chibileva.

— Most likely, it is a small dragonfly Serolyutka Siberian, — said Eugene. — This is the only species of dragonflies in the Urals, which overwinter in the adult stage of the insect, not the aquatic larvae. In the windows of citizens, rather they climb in search of shelter for the winter, because in nature, these dragonflies are hammered into different slots.

Incidentally, Serolyutki Siberian record time of life on the stage of adult insect — ten months. The adult dragonfly larvae from developing it by mid-July and actively fly before the cold weather. In April, overwintering dragonflies begin begin to reproduce. Other dragonflies live no longer than two months.


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