Chernobyl ballad with Gusarki

By Klimavichchyny evening approached by villagers resettled after Chernobyl — the dark, deserted, with a wry huts and boarded shutters.

Remaining blocked in 5 was 16. Why are there — by 1996 half Klimovitch considered evacuation zone. 29 settlements, where the radiation of more than 1 curie per square meter, up to the beginning of the century had the status of victims, people got — though meager — the so-called "death." Last fall, there took another step toward oblivion of Chernobyl — 5,000 hectares of contaminated areas has been canceled check mode. And what is more important — they have ceased to be a zone of periodic radiation control. Explains infectious diseases doctor, former head of the Chernobyl Klimovichi register of persons affected by the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster, Mr Michael Shpakov.


Shpakov"From 1 to 5 curies — is when people look back health care workers, are subject to special medical examination, have benefits children to enroll in schools and dormitories in the preparation of …".

Reporter"What if it is removed, it is considered in the economic interests of the state. As far as medical soundly — really gone and radiation are curies not left? . "

Shpakov"Of course, the period of decay of these elements — for decades. The decision to liquidate — purely political. The health impact is not the best way, because studies Bandazhevsky show that small doses of radiation affect the body more rigid and their effects are not fully known … . "

In 2000, Mr. Shpakov indicative abandoned the "Chernobyl" posts.

Shpakov"Formally, the register is that the medical examination of local service in our environment do not have the resources holds. Therefore, this registration statistics, and all. Young professionals do not stay as a rule, more than 2 years. We can not do clinical examination — not enough reagents to conduct the study. Especially, formal decisions are made, that Chernobyl is less and less. And it affects the financing … . "


Place travel with the editor of an independent socio-political newsletter "Klimovichi info-view" Sergei Arzhantseva does not choose. The greatest number of contaminated land has been "liberated" from the village Gusaravka that 10 km from Klimovitch. Taxi stopped at the high school — wonder svezhapafarbavanay, with lots of funny wooden figurines in the yard. Maybe the salary corresponding to the outer decoration? I ask a primary school teacher Svetlana Bratusevay.

Bratuseva"No, do not get the million. Categories of teaching I have not — thousand eight hundred and fiftieth Number of children is reduced — now forty-third When it was 3 years ago, there were 50 …".

Reporter"And will be less than 40 — are close …".

Bratuseva"We are waiting for that earlier-later … so it will be."

Arzhantsav"By the way, I know, to carry Gusarkavskuyu school children from the city suburbs — go to any lengths to keep the school. But how much of this will suffice … . "

The last words I said to the sixth, when through an old pine forest approached the outskirts Gusarki where it smoothly into the once crowded cast Selyshche residents. 73-year-old Maria Kirynevich went out to meet autobench. Talking.

Kirynevich"Radiation may be, maybe not. But even the wood was yellow. Now we are left but about 30 guys there, the store was closed for three years. Another of two pigs, and so no one else there … . "

Reporter"You are the wealthy?".

Kirynevich"Oh, out of habit, my God. (Laughs.) Cows nobody holds. Pension — 662 000. Now we milk, sour cream, butter — all autobench pryvazhvaets. Today and Friday will arrive twice a week taxi … . "


Somewhere behind daklypala kulbachkay with 75-year-old neighbor Evdokia Isachenko. Listened and put in his word.

Isachenko: "Oh, well done, such a Belarusian language! Live a little, and to die is — not interesting to us to live, all cheer and cheer. After radiation only three women the most, and so crippled — feet hurt, do not reach for the bread here. Thank you guys come, though istopit bath, make a shot, because the pressure is too great … . "

Kirynevich"No one does not knock us, machines are on summer berries, mushroom. Benefits in 5000 Gusartsy paid, not now. Who then went to the hospital, gave the group a disability. Now, do not give — and expensive pills are! . "

Grandmother loudly praised "the grandfather of Nicholas', which is the weakest daily helps with the housework. Who went through the mile in the "shack" 67-year-old Nicholas Kuz'menkova. A room with a low ceiling, peeled walls, iron bed and scattered "shmatstsem." And here is the master — it looks really, "grandfather", with a weathered, ragavichnym face — sits in the middle of the house in the boots and hat with earflaps — clean bottle.


Reporter"In the mobile shops and bottles can be taken? '.

Kuzmenkov"So. In the north of life, came here after the adjustment. As for pensions from Petrozavodsk documents not — there forest "tralyavav." With Nadim now come — 786,000 Belarusian … . "

Reporter"And how many are still paying? '.

Kuzmenkov"And the 300 did not come out. No products have not lived — helping pensioners. Potatoes dug and the water was wearing, wood chopping. And now help — and fed 100 grams hvataets. Now the pension is more than anyone … . "

Reporter"Maybe something will get into the house? '.

Kuzmenkov"Why is it necessary — get a full suitcase. And so everyone is running to me. Here, young people are, but they need a club smash most do not work, the worst bums steal. 150 cows was not one there. Here Acne-traders hold. Help when it comes, hay shipping, drink water … . "

Vitaly Suzdalev — former "traffic cop", spent sometime in the abuse. Two years ago, he and his brother founded in Gusarki farm. Free of grass around the darkness, so that cows give good milk. Last year, wrote about them as "pioneers" in the affected areas, "Arguments and Facts". Vitali still curses the time.

Suzdalev"Guys, I do not want to raise too much fuss. Once asked Prokopchik, head of the ideological department — "Let's remove the film." After that such excesses with district executive committee! Should buy some cows — 4,000 per kilogram of body weight, and for those who are not on the farm, for us, have made 8000.'s why I do not want to speak to the press … ".

Reporter"Is it true that the village council itself ascribes to plan your milk as" my "?".

Suzdalev"To buy the farm distillery contains Village Council — Deadline for paper. We went to the former chairman of the executive committee Grishanova — "I can
help to non-integer sold at cost." And once complained to the CLS fields have failed mouth. All you need to, I'll take myself — disable the tape. "

We know already Shpakov doctor Michael, who told about the situation, said it this way:

Shpakov"That's the problem, which is used for contaminated sites selgasvytvorchastsi. Then these products get the Belarusians themselves — pure milk goes to Russia. It is a conscious anti-Belarusian policies pursued by this government and this president — particularly in Gusartsy … . "


My companion told me about the sixth encounter with a local, 21-year-old Sasha Balobinym, who recently was forced to move from the countryside to work in Klimovichi. Where sells lottery tickets. Distinguishing a fact that no day passes on Radio Liberty and the TV channel "Belsat". I found a skinny guy in the trade table. Sasha, worrying, but with obvious enthusiasm, spoke in Belarusian.


Balobin"Two years ago, met Sergei, he brought me independent. Radio Liberty, "Belsat" — a very good thing that there are channels where you can listen to the uncensored and see the latest news … . "

Reporter"But where there was opposition to the dictatorship?".

Balobin"The dictatorship — it is a lie at all levels of government, lawlessness in the courts. In our area, if we refer to the executive committee with a request — silence. My father is my passport with the USSR-ovskogo to a new, but register in our house can not. He is 93, spetsvoyskah defended Yeltsin, has traveled to work in Russia. In our passport department suspect that he has Russian citizenship — make some inquiries. And 8 years without a passport and without registration. In rural areas, the salary is small — the watchmen on the farm have now received 167 rubles, milkmaids 500-600. Klimovichi finishing high school, profession tractor driver, mechanic. We need people to the farm, but the tractor in the winter is 200-250 thousand in the summer of 300-350. Then I 400-450, still more than earned on the farm, walking in manure or advozyachy. And I voted for Vladimir Neklyaeva … . "

On the way back through the forest saw a tractor contributions felled logs on the trailer. A brief conversation with the young drivers in nevyklyuchennyh motors.


Mr."In forestry work — five million salary. Ship per day Cube 30 — happy. My name is Alexander, 23 years old … . "

We are reminded of the school yard, where I have tracked down the 49-year-old keeper Nikolai Cherkasov.

Michael"I smoke in the boiler room — 400 000, more than I have. Once you're a journalist, I would say, what's the deal. Director — Stepan, can not walk — has three horses, bull, turkeys, chickens. All did not go to work here, and on his farm. I come — I chop wood. Now we'll, I'll take … . "

Director Stephen Vituna in Gusartsy that day was not. But the words of Michael confirmed three healthy workers of different ages, that just got back from the very woods, where after a tractor loaded with impact suitable for treatment of stumps and pieces of trees.


Lord"And it's wood, or what? We carry the school is warm … Brought, cut themselves and their saws! Ryan writes, "plots" Mikhalych refuses — he is a transfer. Where the money goes … Then slowly harvested themselves … And this prick does not want — stick him hard … . " (Laughter.)

Said Michael took us to the other edge of the village where the family lives Kurnosov — 69-year-old Zinaida talkative aunt yes 72-year-old former foreman of the tractor brigade and, as he says, "vershaplet" — Mr. Gregory. Him as concerts, evenings come to listen to the neighbors. Hosts even remember the story of the village.

Zinaida"In 1812, when the war with the French, the old men say Hussars we were …".

Reporter"And after the Chernobyl population declined? '.

Gregory"Especially! I was against it, to build houses around the city, at a party meeting with a heavy heart speeches — we have the same farm, the pigs were. Only that there is a school, village council, post office. A 10 houses on my proposal to build a steel Gusartsy — people still live … . "

Zinaida"Little children, we were sick person. I think Chernobyl is guilty — in the woods a lot of dead trees on the spot, the grass with yellow pollen — and summer is not going away. And the young — bones ache … . "

Gregory"With her grandchildren to play football -" oh, my legs hurt … ".

Zinaida"We were better. How much hunger was! I went in Grade 7 and did not know what the taste of the bread. And then there was the bakery. I say, dear girl, I'm going to work just to eat bread and bring home. With 14 years of working on the farm, did not see light of day — and for nothing, lived, God forbid. Why wait, it seems the young — and the bread, and candy, and cookies. A salary bad — 300-400-500, it is very good. I'm here 500 retired — we do not have, since such prices that unbearable. In the store you will give 20-30 thousand — there is nothing! As if a pension, salary will add on TV — they have taken ten times from us! Or the state, the rulers are guilty — and vote, we do not know for whom. That would be allocated a fair, just — I do not want to talk to Lukashenka, but why it was included, I say! . "


Zinaida and Gregory, however, all life lived in perfect harmony. Last says — "My wife swears, and I" Chernobyl "rhyme in response." Indeed, well, as without it?


"In the forest park is pine,
then by the same sasontsy yashchyk to wine.
And the vodka, and the scandals, and the mountain of the mind —
in such circumstances, we are building a lady.
Ah, wine, black guilt — and vsezhay we drink them!
And do not drink — an empty phrase. Well, how are we to drink?
Pakoynika, baby we need to dunk.
Yes often bring wine, vodka izredka.
What about fish sausages are not visible pack.
This concludes, as with alcoholism, we fight.
But we "Bombay" as it should — all mouth and soul … . "

At the bus stop on the full-length black and red graffiti lettering — stalker. Here and share travel experiences with Sergei Arzhantseva.


Arzhantsav"Doom village, tears welling. They understand that they are the last on this earth. The tragic character — a school which should close, and opposite the burial ground — see the windows on the cross several generations of people buried there. 7 kilometers from the city, and then brought to the village, these power! We in the 9th district Klimovichi agro — so what? According to official figures, the last place in the country for the development of livestock for milk … . "

"But the farmer Vitali was brought to the fact that their 10 cows did not know where to hide — first offered up to the film and" Arguments and facts "and then began to sell the calves on zvyshkoshtah …".

Arzhantsav"A man does not want to talk to anyone — does not believe the authorities, nor to those who can sympathize with him. The reality damn discourages work even in those who may do … . "

Reporter"As far as an apolitical show you gusaravtsy? '.

Arzhantsav"My wife said Gregory — just do not know the others. So that they know more about the society where they live, would be more conscious. Understand that completely abandoned by God, the authorities and the people. In Gusartsy not and will no longer hussars … . "



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