Children’s clinic Noyabr’sk opened after reconstruction

"Finally, it happened!" — Breathed doctors, when the head of the administration Noyabr'sk Jeanne Belotsky and chief medical officer of the Central City Hospital Igor Zhukov cut the red ribbon at the entrance to the children's clinic. "Finally!" — Echo them young patients and their parents.

The reconstruction of the object residents of the city were waiting impatiently. During this time, doctors have settled down in a temporary shelter in the prospector, 48, parents used to take children to a reception at the other end of the city, and the kids and all forgotten that earlier Dolittle had its spacious building.
While we waited, the builders worked. Originally planned to renovate the clinic less than a year, but hidden at first glance features linings made adjustments to these plans. To building a mass presence of children has become a truly reliable, had to make changes to the project and to increase the volume of works. Terms of Delivery and again relegated to an indefinite period. But now all behind.






— This event was expected by all. We will not talk about the complexities and difficulties — said at the opening of the clinic Jeanne Belotsky. — With this building we have in the city began a shift in the implementation of the program of construction of health facilities. It repairs adult clinics and nutrition unit CCH, construction and Perinatal AIDS Center. At the moment, discusses the construction of the building of the new dentistry and adult clinics, emergency rooms and neuropsychiatric clinic. On the eve of the Day of Medical Worker I congratulate all the staff clinics and wish your patients health!









On Monday the doctors will take kids in fifty offices equipped with the latest technology. The clinic will earn X-ray room with a modern digital device, will study child gynecologist. All services will be available and kids with limited mobility. Up to the second and third floors are accompanied by their parents will be able to express elevator to the lobby of the building. On the walls of the corridors there were colorful drawings, and hung in the lobby of plasma panels, which will be broadcast commercials about a healthy lifestyle and cartoons.
Now the building, open the doors for young noyabryan meets all sanitary and building codes. Doctors are waiting for the first visitors here already, on Monday, June 18.

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