Children’s Railway Kemerovo region has opened a new season

A solemn ceremony dedicated to the opening of trains this year, was held at the station "Pioneer". It was attended by young railwaymen who studied the basics of railway professions in the educational center of the small trunk. On June 1, under the supervision of instructors children's railway, they will pass an industrial practice, working as an assistant engineer, conductor, on duty at the station, railway workers, etc. vagonnikami 

Kemerovo children's railway started operations in 2008. It was built in accordance with the cooperation agreement between JSC "Russian Railways" and the administration of the Kemerovo region.

At no time were built training center at the station "Pioneer", two station and narrow-gauge railway of almost 4 kilometers. The road is equipped with modern safety devices, traffic lights, communication systems, centralized and automatic lock.

Children's Railway acts as a center of professional orientation of students in secondary schools. A full course of theoretical and practical training is 5 years. Upon completion of training certificates are issued, and everyone — provided a good study — referrals for training in railway specialized secondary or higher education.

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