China has arrested a sect and ready to meet December 21, 2012

Weight sects on the planet and, as a rule, they tend to some madness. End of the world — the best way to raise your faith in any religious society. No exception is made and the Chinese sect called "God Almighty" that are actively preparing for a "meeting" date of 21.12.12. I am glad that the canoes of the group were arrested by law enforcement agencies in China.

China has arrested followers of the sect "God Almighty." Its adherents — 101 people — preached the imminent end of the world, claiming that shall be saved, only those who come into their ranks.

However, they referred to "the Mayan calendar prediction", according to which, ostensibly, the sun will go out on December 21 for three days.

Law enforcement agencies charged with sectarians "spreading rumors and disturbing the peace under the guise of religious beliefs."

Sectarians engaged in propaganda his views throughout the country. So, 37 followers of this religious movement have been identified in the province of Qinghai (Northwest China). They found posters, brochures and other materials occult content.

The spread of the cult of "God Almighty" was first noted in 1990 in Henan Province (Central China). This sect banned in China, is a campaign to eradicate



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