Chinese crabs actively occupied Khabarovsk

Arthropods are caught in a gas station, in the courts and collecting buckets in the markets.

Quite unusual for Khabarovsk finding discovered during work day employees of one of the security guards of the city. While cleaning the yard, they stumbled upon a veritable crab.
In the words of Deputy Director Vladimir Romanovsky, thought at first that he's lost. Maybe some of visitors threw stale purchase of a fish shop. But after the first attempt to touch a crab suddenly came to life and stood in a fighting stance, dangerously raising rather large claws.
The animal was caught, put him in a bucket of fresh water and called television. Reporters invited to take the find to the local center TINRO where a specialized museum of "Fishes of the Amur." Researcher Vladimir newfangled discovery was not surprised. Easy to identify the species.
This mitten crab. He lives at the confluence of the rivers of warm southern China to the sea. The Chinese have bred this species for human consumption. And apparently, from farms to the Songhua River, many individuals can easily escape. Then the crabs are moving into the Amur. Although long thought that conditions detrimental to the Amur region of this species, but, apparently, mitten crabs have adapted to the conditions here.
At least, these arthropods TINRO center often bring entire buckets. How will the presence of a new species of fish fauna of the Amur River in the ecosystem, scientists have yet to explore.

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