Christmas tree underwater divers and rescue workers dressed in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Divers and mountain rescue in Bosnia and Herzegovina, dressed Christmas tree under the water, in a nature reserve in the Balkans Hutovo Blato (in the south), to draw attention to environmental issues, according to Bosnian media.

Organizers of the rally told reporters that wanted to remind people about the negative impact on the ecosystem of the natural park of 8000 acres and to encourage people to protect the environment.

Hutovo Blato — one of the largest bird sanctuaries in Europe, which is home to 240 species of birds and dozens of species of birds, constantly living in these parts. Because of the fire in 2011 burned most of it. Natural Park is located near the town of Chaplin, 15 kilometers from the coast of the Adriatic Sea.

According to environmentalists, here there are about 600 species of plants. A local waterways were once rich in fish, especially eels and carp. Park is also known for its unique Krupa River, which flows in two directions. This is explained by the fact that during the flood water of the Neretva River, which flows into Krupa, thronging its water back to the source.

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