Claimed 16 lives in the Philippines typhoon Nesat

At least 16 people have died from rampant powerful typhoon "Nesat" that hit the northern Philippines.

Storm surge flooded the center of the capital of Manila, which remained without electricity. Thousands of people were evacuated from low-lying areas. The Philippines suffer from massive landslides.
Powerful typhoon "Nesat" hit the Philippines in the morning of September 27. Evacuated more than 100,000 people in the central region of the country.

The capital of the Philippines — Manila — completely paralyzed. It is expected that the element will rage in the Philippines for two days, and on Thursday will move to China

Speed "Nesata" is about 170 kilometers per hour. Meteorologists recorded off the coast of the central islands of the Philippines four-meter waves.

The current storm was the largest in the Philippines last year. Two years ago, Typhoon "Ketsana" killed 400 citizens.

It should also remember the typhoon "Mina", which was held in late August in the Philippines and claimed the lives of 10 people.

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