Clairvoyant Keir

Today his name is known only to specialists in magic, and in the beginning of the last century, his name was all over the world. He predicted a sensational discovery in archeology, loss of world famous writer, warned of the various disasters and tragic events.

Quick look at the hand of man, it is unusual to talk in detail about his past and future. But suddenly his clairvoyant faculty disappeared. The reason was the violation of the highest ethical principles relating to the law of karma.

Curriculum vitae

His real name on the passport, William John Warner, but he liked to call himself Count Louis Hamon. Admirers called him Keir (from the Greek "hand"). Later the name was his principal, under which it became known.

Carey was the son of a businessman from the United Kingdom and visiting Roma. Perhaps that is why he inherited from his mother the gift of clairvoyance and in his younger years found that he could easily "read" lines and wrinkles on the palm of his classmates and teachers. In the following years he made his profession palmistry, traveled to India and other countries, collecting bits and pieces of the ancient secrets of esoteric knowledge and supplementing their own work. Then he received a large inheritance from his father, which enabled him for many years not to think of their daily bread, and returned to London. Here he successfully worked with Scotland Yard, opened a few crimes, and this has become famous. Came to him the powers, writers and poets, prostitutes and gangsters. To all of them he foretold destiny, regardless of their social background.

However, not all predictions come true Keir. First, he could not predict his own fate. Leaving in the early 30's in the U.S., he opened a detective bureau, where he hoped to solve crimes through palmistry and clairvoyance, but alas. Higher forces found it impossible for him to use foresight to enrich and deprived Keir this ability. Incidentally, something similar was observed in all other clairvoyants, who pledged to use his gift only for the benefit of other people, but not for profit, and similarly "punished" by Providence disease or deprivation of talent in violation of this circumstance. Not having any other profession, Keira ended up on the street, where he was dying of hunger, picked up a cop.

The most significant prediction Keir

Brought him fame disclosure seemingly undisclosed murder. When Keir "read" bloody handprint offender, he determined that this should be left to the adopted son of the deceased, who had been out of all suspicion.

Later he predicted then quite successful writer Oscar Wilde prison oblivion and death, which, as we know, what happened.

It is believed that the novel "Futility" Morgan Robertson, in which every detail to tell fortunes had not yet built the "Titanic", it was suggested to Carey, who was a friend of the little-known journalist.

He also predicted in 1926 that the Prince of Wales abdicate because of the love and marry "commoner."

The most serious prediction which made Carey in his life, the message of the revolution in Russia. This was done for 10 years until 1917, and at first predictor of laughing, because there were no signs of the tragedy.

Another prediction, which 100 years could not assess, is the death of "the twins" in New York.

Keir said Carnarvon and Carter for their outstanding discoveries in archeology in the near future, but warned that all members of the excavation will be lost after the opening of the tomb of Tutankhamun. He knew in advance about the upcoming execution of the royal family and the brutal murder of Rasputin, as he openly said, when he was in Russia.

At the end of XIX century Keir prophesied successful career Lord Horatio Kitchneru, but at the same time warned him against maritime navigation. All confirmed: Lord Kitchner was killed when his vehicle struck a German mine.

Many important predictions made Carey and other rulers — King Edward VII and the Shah of Persia.

You can also say that not only owned Keir palmistry, and numerology, and was able to extract such information from the handprints of their numerous clients, which are outside the boundaries of the reader's hand and within the scope of clairvoyance or intuitive perception.

But not always and not all of it was smooth in life Keir. This includes not only his own fate, which Carey could not foresee, but also in other cases. But, as they say, fly in the ointment only emphasizes the importance of his predictions. So, for example, on the eve of the XX century it occurs in the United States by Mark Twain, who predicted that he would soon become rich and successful author, which, as we know, is what happened. However, further prophecies completely undermined the faith of this American writer in sensing abilities Keir, who predicted the untimely death of Mark Twain in 1903, which actually lived for seven years, and instead of sending New Year's greetings annually seer postcards mocking words: "Greetings from the dead."

That speaks of the great Psychic Clairvoyants

The prophecies are never 100% reliable only because he predictor, while in the physical world, "see" future events as if through a glass darkly. In addition, he, like all people, are affected by various kinds of extraneous psychological reasons, as well as its own mood and health, care, and anxiety, of which simply can not turn away until the end. However, even these, sometimes not quite correct predictions Keir amazing. From the standpoint of modern science, they just do not have an explanation. Moreover, academic science in general avoided addressing this issue, because it puts science to a standstill and discredit all her idea of what is.

However, the information received from Keir and similar clairvoyants, says that in the small world to which they have access, there are no differences between the present and the future.

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