Cold winter in Europe is caused by the game Atlantic currents

The unusually cold winter, a prominent now in Europe, caused by the deformation of the Atlantic Ocean instead of the usual wind, warmed by the Gulf Stream, the old woman wafted pole.

Ocean currents have a significant impact on global climate. For example, the so-called great ocean conveyor belt transports heat from one to the other regions of the planet. "Runs" its water, which is "drowning" in the north-east Atlantic. This process causes the warm tropical waters to flow in to replace them — to the north. That is why Europe and has the opportunity to enjoy a rather pleasant weather.

But the weakening of the intensity of lowering the water in the Atlantic could lead to the fact that the average temperature in Europe will fall on all 10? C.

An international team of scientists led by David Torneli from the School of Earth and oceans, Cardiff University (UK) has shown that, since the end of the last glacial period (10-20 thousand years ago), such changes occur regularly.

Experts based their findings on an analysis of sediments recovered from the ocean floor. They contain shells helped researchers determine the concentration of radiocarbon in different times. Isotope acts as a sort watchdog timer, which tells when the water one last time on the surface.

Whenever lowering water slowed the North Atlantic was filled with water from the Antarctic, and not from the tropics. Change comes very quickly — within a few decades.

Scientists say that now is not the end of the Ice Age, and the Atlantic Ocean is supposed to be much more stable. Why is the current changes is still unclear.

The study is published in the journal Science.

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