Communication of times. Sergei Larenkov

Name Sergei Larenkova — completely ordinary inhabitant of St. Petersburg — with nedavneshnego time was widely understood after his unique photographic design of the project "Invisible Leningrad." It is a sample of a 10-s collages. On each shot up to a combined mm footage of the 1st and the same place, but made in a different time: During the siege of Leningrad — and the first 20 of the first century.

The effect of these cool shots. Looking at them as if alive chuvstvuesch as restlessly under this overhanging sky, and it is not clear that this place does have a city! .. Hubbub of the crowd, screams, explosions, shots line running to attack the soldiers … People in these pictures mourn their own dead relatives, expect new shelling, I trust that it will turn out to survive, believe in the victory of an ambulance …

When combining the photo is that of the last vorachivayutsya people and blockade situation pores and not only.

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