Conifers protective belt of Moscow kills woodworm

Beetle bark beetle.  Photo: eco.ria.ruThe authorities in Moscow will spend about 2 billion rubles for protection of forest protection zone of Moscow from bark beetle, which affected 30-40% of coniferous trees around the capital.

As the head of the Moscow Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Kulbachevsky Anton: "The problems started in the late nineties — the beginning of the two thousandth's. I have witnessed situations when I had to open criminal cases against unscrupulous foresters, especially entire populated area bark beetle in order to fit more came in decline and could let the ax with impunity "- told Kulbachevsky.

According to him, after the situation worsened in the absence of the owner suburban forests. According to him, now plagued by parasites from 30 to 40% conifer forest shelter belt of Moscow, as bark beetle strikes that symbol. A sign that the tree bark beetle affected, is that the bark is removed, obluplyaetsya, needles turn yellow and fall off, resulting in a tree dies, RIA Novosti reported.

"If measures are not taken, the infection spreads literally exponentially. During the Soviet years if found bark, cut down the entire block and planting new trees. Now science has stepped forward so that there are drugs, and our, and the Western in which trees can be cured . in Moscow We use them, and therefore in the public parks beetle practically no ", — the head of the department.

He also said that due to the increase in forest area in Moscow will be a special directorate. "Until now the capital owned by 17 thousand hectares of forest, now add 30,000 hectares of protective belt, and before joining another 60,000 hectares of forest land to the newly slaughtered. Doing these forests will be specially created Directorate for planting and forest protection, whose staff in 2016 will consist of 500 people, "- he added the expert.

Meanwhile, despite the fact that forests are included in the forest-park zone of Moscow and sent to the management of the city, will not be included in the capital. These areas are, in any case remain in federal ownership. They do not become part of Moscow, explained in the City Hall. As for the fate of the National Park Elk Island, then, this area will not be included in the forest areas, Moscow sent in use.
"This area has a different status. This is a national park, there are more stringent restrictions imposed by the Forest Code," — said the head of the Moscow Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Anton Kulbachevsky.

Previously reported that Roslezhoz intends to put in the long term (49 years) lease of about 50 forest sites in the suburbs at rates that are hundreds of times lower than the market price. According to the newspaper "Vedomosti", the auction, which is scheduled for November 9 this year, put up 46 plots with a total area of 96 hectares. According to terms of the auction, land can only be used for recreational purposes (the lessee has the right to erect temporary structures, especially for tourists.) In particular, at the rate of 1,000 rubles per sq.m. for rent will take three large portion (16.2, 12 and 11.6 hectares) in the prestigious Odintsovo district. Experts note that the resell rights to lease the proposed site can be 150-200 thousand per acre, depending on location and quality of the wood.

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