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Troops Communication has always stood out even in the midst of other special forces. Because of the properties of their professional success depended on all servicemen without exception, from the personnel of mechanized infantry units to rocket scientists and representatives of the defense. Now, as one of the main reasons for the successful completion of tasks the military command and control is efficiency and high-quality connectivity, communications play a major role in the overall system of the military. This and many other our conversation with the head of communications — Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications SOUTH Colonel Igor Kremleva.

— Most sudden opening in the activities of your employees brought it past the Kuban element. Told how the soldiers acted-communicators in the aftermath of the floods in Krymsk.

— It so happened that specifically military battalion communications and electronic support of the Crimean air base, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Lyubochkin, were the first to provide assistance to people who are in failure. At this point in command of the base and then go townspeople that require mention bravery and courage rescued their soldiers.

I wish to note Prof. acts chief of communications Crimean air base Major Vitaly Shevtsova. In addition, the military signalers SOUTH acted on his own and direct purpose — in the process of building in Krymsk taskforce of the Defense Ministry personnel of the district management team, Colonel Valery Tishkov was deployed command post in the short term been established stable and trouble-free link. It should be emphasized that it cooperated effective interaction with the MOE and other operational services and law enforcement agencies. Although we have deployed their own means of communication, and the work of the task group commander of the Defense Ministry carried on the channels of communication. We should not forget that a number of soldiers fiancee brigade control and communications experts fighters of the 4th Air Force and Air Defense Command, the Black Sea Fleet, the 7th Airborne Division and other units and formations that were involved in disaster relief, were involved specifically in clearing the streets and courtyards — the main work, which was carried out by representatives of the military department in Krymsk. This element was for the military Corps of practical training in performing the tasks in the criteria for the appointment of an emergency.

— I happened to be at the crash site, and that the personnel of the units and parts Corps was prepared to so severely tested, does not cause vibrations. As a special criteria has proven technique?

— Machinery and equipment were also on top. In another way, it could not be — for now update their index in the Southern military environment close to 100 per cent mark. This is true not only of stationary equipment, the replacement of which was carried out first. We have also obtained the mobile and the latest generation of mobile systems. For example, satellite communication station "BELOZEROV." Another new product, which amused us — it's coming in troops Communication Station "Passion." It provides not only noise immunity, and that is very fundamental, scrambler.

Modern equipped with special equipment and three brigades of management, formed in 2010, the year in our military environment. Taking into account the specifics of the service on the southern borders of the country, the management of the Ministry of Defence pays special attention to the supply of new equipment SOUTH. Their first got the military units of the 58th Field Army. Upgrade hurt and parts of the 49th Army, the Black Sea Fleet, the 4th Air Force and Air Defense Command, Russian military bases in Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Armenia.

In general, we all recognize — no matter what, the most modern technology, the highest quality equipment — just a pile of metal without perfectly cooked professionals that make her tasks as directed. Because in our own work, we focus attention specifically on combat training.

— Igor, tell more about it …

— The transition to an annual period of military service by conscription led us to make adjustments to the process for junior professionals Corps. To successfully do putting before us puzzles, military units due to not only the confidence of owning your own basic military specialty, and an adjoining master. It is not enough to be just a station master, you need to understand the energy supply, to know the full-time auto technician. Only in this case, you can count on success in the tasks. Cheers that training on communication have become routine and occupy a special place in the general system of combat training. As practice, we do not have any problems with the deployment of communications, nor with its implementation. Now everything — from the commander of the military unit commander to the neighborhood — understand how important communication and control system. Therefore to prepare professionals for training units and parts Corps made all the terms. And we are in full use. So, after only a few days after returning from Krymsk district personnel management team went to the landfill. Along with his colleagues from other military units and troops connection, they began to actively prepare for the further strategic command-staff exercise "Kavkaz-2012".

— What kind of connection and communication troops of the Southern Military Area will be involved in SKSHU "Caucasus-2012"?

— All, without exception. And we are fully aware of exactly what our work will be successful in almost all depend on the overall success. We can not allow even the smallest breakdown in communications and command and control. Assignment is not easy. Suffice it to say, that are involved in the teaching troops will focus on several test sites at a distance of hundreds of kilometers apart. Several steps they will act immediately, carrying its own set of problems. In order to land the military component of the neighborhood, aviation, air defense, sailors and Marines operated synchronously by performing their tasks on land, at sea and in the air, and will have to work sverhprofessionalno my subordinates. This is what we currently working on. Experience enforcement training and combat, combat and special challenges we have. After all, none or a tactical command post exercise, no camp fee or polygon different classes of military units and formations of the military neighborhood not pass without warriors signalers.

Incidentally, troops ties this year came a lot of young lieutenants — graduates of military schools. Souped commanders also be coupled with its divisions to participate in SKSHU "Caucasus-2012". This issue we also pay close attention.

— Now technical support of new weapons and military equipment produced civilian organizations. How does outsourcing in the Signal Corps SOUTH?

— In the Southern military surrounded the hugest in the Armed Forces of units and formations Corps, in which technical support is carried out by civilians spices. With control of the North Caucasus branch of "Voentelekom" Victor Strekalov we have established close cooperation. I have to announce that this is being done very well. Work in "Voentelekome" experts at the highest level, for service and repair of machinery and equipment is carried out in rather short time and with the quality of tribute. The introduction of outsourcing was not as timely. After all, together with the supply of a troops Modern communication expensive equipment decreased service life of conscripts. Because repair and service of complex equipment, the equipment and the equipment is carried out in the framework of o
utsourcing experts at civilian organizations and companies.

Although in recent years we celebrate the good trend — more and more fighter and army sergeants had time to get technical secondary and even tertiary education. We expect the recent increase in the number of contractors and that will come in communication units at junior officers and professionals. It is very true that the emphasis is made not on the quantitative characteristics, and a high-quality level of this category of personnel.

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