Consequences of Typhoon Talas


In Japan, just six months after the terrible tsunami again make lists of the dead and missing. The total number of victims of typhoon "Talas" is approaching 100. Of these, 60 people remain missing.

Typhoon fooled forecasters, "Talas" moves against all prognostic models

Typhoon "Talas" a surprise to meteorologists, moving against all prediction models, described in the press service of the regional weather center. "All forward-looking centers erred in velocity of the typhoon. He paused for a long time in the south of the Japanese archipelago, so the brunt of the disaster assumed the people of Japan," reports


According to information agency Xinhua, the death toll could increase significantly, because at the moment the rescuers can not get to some mountain areas due to landslides. Considered missing 54 people.

"Talas" provoked out of the banks of the rivers have formed a powerful mudslides. They often are the cause of death.

Element paralyzed transport in the country. At airports, Japan canceled more than 400 flights. Stopped rail. Closed traffic on key roads of the country.

As reported by Japanese meteorologists, it is 12 typhoon in the season.

According to the latest weather forecasters, "Talas" slowly moving in the direction of the Primorsky Territory of Russia. Wind gusts in some areas reach the speed of 30 m / sec.

Typhoon "Talas" on the approach to Maritime Territory became a tropical storm. Already in the early hours of Monday in the eastern edge of the beginnings of large showers. In the coming days the threat of heavy rains in the east of southern, eastern and central areas of the region will continue.

Photo — Xinhua


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